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Current status of the mod, and plans for the future.

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So I have not even looked at the mod since release... Been busy with life and such. My original though was to let it go and just end it. But once again I am feeling the urge to do some more work on the mod.

SO... the mod is going to get finished, but it may take some time.

What needs to be done is follows:

1.Finish the weapons that need to be re-animated yet.
Namely snipers, explosives, and throwables.

2. Bring the part I up to speed with Par II
I will be adding some addional animations to the shotguns and pistols.

3. Polish
Need to work out any bugs. The bug with the fort pistol and its problem with the 545 shell texture will be fixed. Just as an example..

As for work in the Lost Alpha Project.... Back burner untill this one is done.

-Kingfriday ^.=.^


Awesome man ! been using this mod, and so far it's damn good to be used for vanilla and other mods :D

Good luck man ! ^__^

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Good news, mate!

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What about remaking the Toz shotgun animation? (the long barreled double barrel)

I seen Gunslinger one which has the pulling out of the bullets instead of the default one.

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