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Recently the first alpha version of the Imperial Dimension Neptunia mod had been released on Steam workshop. But now a new update is being worked on for the mod!

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Good news everybody! I am working on update version alpha 0.2 for the mod, and this update will bring a lot of new and fun goodies! Lets look at what we will get now in the notes below. While in the meantime, you can download the current alpha version on ModDB too:

Imperial Dimension Neptunia, Version alpha 0.11

New units:

New Imperial Units:


  • Kotori Itsuka (commander and Spirit varient)
  • Compa
  • Nepgear
  • Grand Moff Ardus (land)
  • Mobile Infantry Sergent Rico
  • Tohka
  • Dark Purple


  • Imperial factory ship (allows construction of Dark troopers, mech suits)
  • Tector Class Star destroyer
  • Praeter II star destroyer

Ground units:

  • Imperial Terror Trooper
  • Imperial Remnant Jumptrooper
  • AT-AT (new model)
  • Speeder bike (new model)
  • Field Commander (new model)

New Rebel Units:


  • Captain Juno Eclipse (field commander, has Salvation 2 ship as flagship)
  • Crix Madine
  • Admiral Firmus Nantz
  • Anonydeath
  • Captain Rex
  • Ahsoka Tano


  • Viscount Dreadnought
  • new Corvettes
  • Elite A-wings
  • Elite B-wings
  • New frigates

Ground units:

  • Rebel Shock Troopers
  • Rebel Minigunner
  • Rebel Jetpack Trooper
  • Rebel Bazooka Vanguard (will now also get a new skin for urban worlds)
  • AAC3 Tank
  • B2 Battledroids
  • CIS units (buildable on some former CIS worlds, also buildable by priates)

New Pirate Units:


  • Darth Maul
  • Affimojas
  • CFW Magic
  • Arfoire

Spaceships/Ground units:

  • Lots of new frigates
  • Whole new roster for the Zann, including CIS units

Galactic Conquest:

Galactic Conquest will get some changes as well. First off there will be 2 new GC scenarios. The First one will be a smaller 35 planet scenario. The second GC will be a bigger one. Also some edits may be made to the current GCs start and hero rosters for the AI.

Other changes:

Heros and galactic conquests arent the only things that are important to mods. The next update will feature some more balance changes, such as fighter stats and spawn/reserves. Additionally Skirmish will get updated so that new units are added and the current costs of units are changed up as well. Certain older models will get updated rigs/animations to smoothen them up.
Additionally, some new land maps will be made for certain planets (mainly the new planets), while quite a few new planets to conquer are added (such as Bajor, Yag'Dhul, Terra Prime, Lanteeb, etc).

In conclusion, alot of new goodies will be added to the Imperial Dimension Neptunia mod in update alpha 0.2 to expand the mod!

New Elite Infantry for both the Imperial Remnant and New Republic:

elite rebels

New Hero units for the Empire, Rebels, and Pirates:


tano and rex


Nice. Kurumi and Darth Maul in the same game.

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Warper243 Author

The Dark side is a pathway to many abilities, some considered unnatural! Soon the dark side and spirits will battle

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Star Weebs - Empire at War

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Can't wait to record the new update

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Warper243 Author

Patience young padawan.

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