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Explanation of the current state of the game. Showing off a screenshot of the game with some new features.

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So I posted this game but haven't really said what the game had. So far the game has 2 enemies with simple AI. To go with this the player can shoot using the current 2 weapons (Pistol and Rifle) I will try and add a sword for CQC in the future as well as some more unique weapons. At the moment the Exploration is a little stale but soon there will be collectibles and Pages for the player to find (As well as Easter Eggs!) If you want to keep up-dated on this project follow me on twitter.

The picture shows the new HUD or GUI and a enemy at the bottom right corner. (Couldn't get to close or he would attack me.) This enemy, if close enough to the player, will explode and damage anything nearby.

If time allows I will try and spin up a playable demo for bug testing but in the mean time I am trying to get some more areas done.

I am also pondering on expanding to the PlayStation systems. PS4 and PS3 will be most likely and if the game isn't to bad on a mobile I'll accept PS Vita as well.

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