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Stasis is a talented team from across the globe with aspirations of making not-so-uncool games.

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Stasis is a small development team that recently joined the site with the goal of making a Source or UDK based game. It's going to be a long term project and we're hoping to find gamers who are just as excited of the prospect of releasing a final product as we are to help us work on the game.

We are currently looking for team leads in the following categories:

- Level Design
- Game Design
- Art
- Sound
- Programming

The ideal candidates will have the following skill-set:

Great communication
Motivation and ability to lead a team of several people
Manage your time effectively
Plan and prepare any team related work efficiently

Qualifications for game designers aren't specific to Source or UDK, but an attractive portfolio with several years of modding/games industry experience is desirable. The ability to create a unique game that stands out is a difficult task, but evidence that you can have inspirational ideas for characters, stories or gameplay is an exceptional skill. This is an opportunity to build a game almost from the ground up, taking the skills and concepts from the producers all the way.

While level design leads while need a solid understanding of Source and UDK, most members can use what application environments they feel comfortable with and are appropriate.

Specific jobs will be listed on the job board, so please feel free to check there as well for updates. Please PM if you are interested and we can have a chat on the skills and design you can bring to the team!

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