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Ace Combat maps Due to the long process of learning how to mod, I have decided to help out with creating maps. Im basing them of the Ace Combat world, and will first start with the continents, then make the entire world. Hope you enjoy them.

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Ive decided to start making mods. I have stopped creating models for Zero Hour, as my zero hour refuses to work. After reading on some of the many mods for Supreme Commander, i have decided to start with maps.My first maps, will be based on ace combat. Im going to start with the Eurasian Conflict. Ace 4. The map will try to be scalled correctly, and the resources, will be far apart, forcing expansion, but will be clustered. That way when you capture a resource point (Im making them in urban areas so that it feels more realistic (in my opnion)

The map will have canals, so some ships can move in and around land. This is decided because some times you need to back p ground forces with some artillary. Few water ways will be available to capital ships.

Back to size.
I want it to be large enough for drawn out games, not short simple tank rush games.

Hope fully with practice, ill start making mods again and release one, as my models had a lego appearance to them.

So, short and simple.


nice, love realistic mods/maps :D

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