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And now we are on the moment where old is old, new will be new.

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Until now i've coded the game adding new features every day, upgrading the graphic, looking around for inspiration. Now is time to draw a line, and take fly following it.

Pre-demo version: (1 March 2013)

Oldest screenshots show it. Really un-happy version... simply codes, codes everything!!!!!

Demo version: (10 March 2013)

This is the final release of what i've done till now.
From now on the game will have a more "marketing policy", will evolve in the way most of the users want, and... as ever where I want.
For now the game is a full strategic skirmish game, the demo (look on downloads) is a standard 4 systems 1v1 battle... i think the perfect solutions for 1v1 PvP multiplayer matches...
AI is not extremly intelligent but enough to take a little fun.

Beta version: From 10 March 2013 and beyond...

In progress: (what will be or have already done for further versions) in bold most important things or what is already under work

  • Better graphics
  • Better AI
  • Lesser AI as CPU-intensive (imagine 200 systems with 100 factions... a really long game but also laggy i think... never tried XD)
  • Main menu
  • Single player domination game mode (what is now but selecting number of stars, enemies and so on...)
  • Single player tutorial game mode
  • Single player campaign game mode (yes a strategy game with a story...strange but true)
  • BUG FIXES (more things added, more bugs were born)
  • Multiplayer domination game mode
  • Multiplayer coop / campaign game mode
  • Balancing gameplay
  • More researches and lesser rare (My concept: I want to make a game where NO ONE knows exactly ALL researches. I want multiplayer research advantage given to who played much more and know more tech than enemy. For example: Hyperspace tech is already in game but condition to obtain it are not reveled. Play play, understood what researches are necessary in order to unlock Hyperspace. Or for example: Shields, Intelligence tech, Cloaking, Beacons, Motherships and so on.....
  • i forgot others ....................................

Too much? no it is my dream-game... and Last colony will be this.

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