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There is a lot of work to be done. There is also things I need to talk about.

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I am a lone developer and like many other developers making games solo it will take a while. Do not expect a high-end 2D game from me; I make games as a hobby. Nevertheless I will try to progress through the development every week end and try to update it on Moddb.

For me the game making is actually nothing of high importance, it is what I do for fun; it is casual thing. It will not be as good looking or good as Asteroids. It might... but that is an assumption and I will have to find out when the game is released.

First of all I have to talk about where Molecule has come from. Molecule was formerly known as Dot Dodger. No one will know about it as it was made to have fun with my friends. The basics of it were to dodge dots as long as you can. It was originated from the concept from Asteroids where you avoid objects in space but I have left out the shooting bit. My friends found it fun, more addictive than just fun. Then couple of hours of playing it the game got less interesting and then they all lost interest. I fixed some bugs in Dot Dodger and tested it on a community in the net and they liked it so that was when I decided to make Molecule, for the sake of pointless time consuming work.


Getting back to development there are key features still needs re-testing and a beta will be released sometime next week or next month. Currently I predict the game to take up about 10 mb and will need a multicore to run it, or else the game will slow down badly. The game is 800x600 window or full screen that will be the user's choice.

In Molecule every 'round' of game user plays will get a record of what has happened in that round. Such as the amount of certain molecules collect and how long they have survived. There will also be two modes: Blender and Swarm. Blender is the main mode where player gets to have abilities, collect molecules and random events occurring. Swarm is the plain version of the original Dot Dodger where the entity has to avoid molecules that will obliterate it. In Swarm the molecules will constantly spawn at a rapid pace and eventually the player cannot survive.

Any questions will be answered when I get to them so be patient.


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