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I'm excited to announce what I've been working on and plan out the future.

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Hello! I'm very excited to start sharing information on the game I have been working on for the past couple months. System Remnant is in the middle of development so anything can change from this point onward. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer so far and what I will provide in the future.

List of current features:

-Endless Arena mode-

-4 different weapons (with more to come!)-

-Random hats/names-

-Hub world to start off in-

-Gamepad support-


I do plan on improving many of these features but what I want to offer in the final product is so much more than this.

List of future features:

-A ton of Enemies-

-A ton of Weapons-

-Modules that affect your Gameplay-

-8 differently themed worlds-

-Themed bosses-

-Tons of replay value-

-Random but fair gameplay-

-So much more-

I have a lot planned and can't wait to act upon it. So far it has been building the foundation to the game but now it's time to get into the real meat of the project. I hope I have offered something that sparked even a little bit of interest, so I hope you follow development as I continue to develop.


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