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Progress on the starting area. Ideas/current work.

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So right now our main area of focus is the starting area and intro to the mod (derp.). Anywho We have started developing an intro Video, so the player can get more of an idea of the story-line behind the mod, before they wake up in the middle of the forest wondering where the hell they are.

Right now we are working apon the creation of Greg. He is one of the main characters in this mod, he is like the "alyx" of half life 2. We are currently working on the Model and voice acting for him. Which is infact coming along pretty nicely, He will be leading/following the player for a large majority of the game, but our goal is to make him as less pushy and keep the focus off him, we plan to put in more action and less cut scenes of the player sitting there watching the npcs talk.

You can See the first render of his clothes here. We are aiming for a "lumberjack" style here. Now all he needs is a pretty face.

One Question that has been raised a few times and i would just like to state an offical answer.
Q. Is the player a mute? A. No.

As far as the zombies goes, we have the "normal" zombies nearly complete. They are remodeled and re-skinned citizen models. These will function just like the original hl2 zombie, but with a better look and sounds. As far as the rest go, the programmer has been playing around with the npc scripts for a "tank" zombie. So far we've Made it shake the screen when it walks and we have changed its model. It will require many custom animations.

The Level. From what we have provided it looks pretty basic and under detailed. We haven't focused enough attention to the level design lately as other things have been getting done. But its a promise that they will look better in the end.


The storyline is not public, little bits will be release but not all of it, as that would ruin the game.

We hope to make minor improvements to the engine soon, add in some more realistic effects ect. Right now i have a pretty long list of improvements that should be made, however not all of them can be done D:

Anyways Ill Keep this Moddb Page regularly updated and for now leave some suggestions and creative criticism, cya <3

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