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I started working on this map mid October since I was really busy before that time. The first week I explored modular assets and tested some settings abuot the engine.

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SoD - Sultan Of Drugs

I started working on this map mid October since I was really busy before that time. The first week I explored modular assets and tested some settings abuot the engine.

30 October 2020

  • After playing a little bit with modular assets and natural models, I ended up sketching the rough backdrop, terrain and buildings placement.
  • Landscape splines used to draw streets.
  • I used one of the many terrain materials and manually painted the first division between the desert and the green area.
  • I added a HeightFog with Volumetric Shadows to simulate the "Sandstorm" effect all over the map.
  • Large sequence of the same wall instance has been achieved using HISM actors.


HighresScreenshot00002 1


HighresScreenshot00003 1

2 November 2020

  • I copied a little portion of map from "PowerPlant" because I was planning to place this map near that region (you can actually see the dam in this map) and i modified them to create a new, large, building.
  • Added an abandoned parking zone near these buildings.
  • Started working on some interiors.





20 November 2020

  • Copied and modified a portion of the garage section from Ministry (entrance and stairs).
  • Using this area as startup, i built 2 floors for the manor.
  • Using stairs from Ministry, I added the upper portion of the manor (HQ/Echo).
  • Complete sketch of the Villa building.

HighresScreenshot00015 copy

28 November 2020

  • Added more ruins in the middle of the map.
  • Added river rocks.
  • Created a modified version of the terrain material to use a texture fitting the river ground.

HighresScreenshot00016 copy

2 December 2020

  • Started working on details and interiors.
  • Modified some buildings to increase feeling of destruction.
  • Added some road obstacles near the Mosque

HighresScreenshot00017 copy

3 December 2020 - 5 December 2020

  • Mostly worked on details and interiors.
  • Added some trees using the foliage tool.

HighresScreenshot00018 copy

HighresScreenshot00019 copy

HighresScreenshot00020 copy

6 December 2020 - 8 December 2020

  • Started using HLODs to reduce CPU and GPU usage.
  • Added some particle effects and decals
  • Added more details

HighresScreenshot00021 copy

HighresScreenshot00022 copy

Past 8 December 2020

  • Map optimization with HLODs and baked lights.
  • Added even more details thanks to the optimizations.
  • Added gameplay actors like destructables.
  • Used foliage tool to apply grass, little rocks and illegal plants.
  • Worked on Nav Mesh to ensure correct navigation of bots.
  • Worked on implementing Checkpoint game mode as first one.
  • Added reinforced AICovers.
  • Added minimap with correct positions.
  • Worked on interior linghting and reflection captures.
  • Modified some little portions of the map to improve gameplay experience.
  • Added ingots custom model and modified original texture "T_SpiceShop_01_BC" for illegal harvest.
  • Merged some natural meshes to improve performance overall.
  • Added truck entrance but this currently doesn't work on the standalone game.

21 December 2020

  • Published for testing!
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