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The mod is an ambitious one, however im greatly looking forward to working on it...

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The first part is always hardest. The concept is coming along nicely, i have 50% of the first "chapter" scripted with parts of the main quest laid out till the end. One of the hardest parts its making this mod fit around the discworld universe of the books; hopefully you will like my idea's and enjoy it. Next portion is to take those concepts and apply it to the game which requires some 3D modelling! Thats right there will be plenty of custom objects and animations in my mod.

To begin with im making sure that the player doesnt lose immersivness with the Oblivion world by starting you off (briefly) inside the imperial dungeon as another prisoner; viewing the events from another perspective. I wont go into much more detail yet as theres someone very cool going to happen and hopefully i can whip up a video of it within the next few weeks to show it off.

p.s. The turtle oblivion logo is totally awesome right? right?

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