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People who worked with Doom Builder know that default textures are "STARTAN", "CEIL1_1" and "FLOOR0_1". This mod will show you how every classic Doom level looks like with this pack of textures (and with few more textures like doors, lifts and damaging liquids)

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Hello everyone. This mod is a texture "tweak" which changes every classic Doom level into early version of any Doom Builder level. So that means, that brightness of every sector is 192, walls mostly have a "STARTAN" (or "STARTAN2") texture, floors have a "floor0_1" texture, ceiling have a "ceil1_1" texture.

You can see the results of this experiment here:

This mod supports all Doom IWAD files; requires GZDoom 1.9 or above, latest Zandronum and latest ZDoom sourceports to run.



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i like this video

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