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Beginning Details of Magical Artifacts (Rings) and Further Development

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This week starts the beginning of a new project for Crusader Kings 2. Inspired by the existing mod Middle Earth Project, this mod aims to create many new magical artifacts that can boost character attributes, fertility, and the like. These artifacts may end up including staves, magical rings, legendary weapons, amulets, etc. The quests and journeys that your character will have to make to acquire these objects of power, and hold on to them, will include levels of difficulty similar to the quest for immortality, if not deadlier. These artifacts will be tied into ancient history, giving them a backstory connecting their powers to the people who bore them, while still keeping the line between reality and fiction.

To start off with, the mod will include five different magical rings, each of a different gemstone.

Caerulus Adamas - Latin for the 'Blue Adamance', this ring is silver banded with a sapphire head. It will work to increase its wearer's diplomacy, rationality, the morale of troops, and the opinions of his/her vassals. The ring was originally owned by the Father of Athenian Democracy, and it has been long lost until now.

Petra Senescallo - Latin for the 'Steward's Stone', this ring is an emerald topped band of bronze. Its former owner is none other than Hammurabi I of Babylon, one of history's foremost lawmakers, one who set the precedent for other Bronze Age lawmakers before him. This ring will improve stewardship, health, fertility, taxes, and honor.

Signum Furium - Latin for the 'Raging Emblem', this ring screams for blood and conquest, its master previously being Alexander the Great. This ring greatly increases the wearer's martial score, improving health, increase morale damage and defense. However, the ring makes the owner brash, hasty, and quick to rage, lowering diplomacy a small bit.

Savium Serpens - Latin for the 'Serpent's Kiss' based of the story of Adam and Eve, this ring will improve the character wearing it's intrigue score, and plot power by a substantial amount. The ring also reduces the honor of the wearer while making others distrusting of who wears it.

Ardens Pharus - Latin for the 'Gleaming Beacon', this ring is descended from the old Roman Emperor Vespasian, famous patron and preserver of the arts during the time of the Empire. This ring will greatly improve learning, greatly improve health, increase piety, zeal, and vassal opinions.

For the moment, these are the only magical artifacts in development for sure. As others come to be, they will be posted here, and news will be given of their development.

Duke Jeans

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