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Here is our first news post on this mod for 2016..

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Hey everything and welcome to our new mod Star Wars: Shattered Empire a mod sent in the 30 year gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

Ever since i was close to finishing work on Star Wars: Battlefront Commander i wanted to make a mod based around the New Republic Era but i wanted to add in whatever was coming out of the new movies/canon as well but at the same time drawing heavily from the EU.

Now when we jump into this mod in a couple months we will be making this mod from the ground up while still using a couple models from Star Wars: Battlefront Commander but no code will be used from it so we wont get problems in the mod that would couldn't either fix or figure out in Battlefront Commander, this mod will create a new GC based around the Battlefront Commander standard GC that we have but with more planets and some new planets from the new canon.

One of the major things is recreating the factions to do something very different in this mod than in other mods or what is in the base game, at the moment we are in the pre-production phase of the mod talking about what kind of style it should go down and what kinda of units and ship each faction should get...ect

There is one huge thing we are still debating on and is if we should make the First Order their own Faction or go down a line where at Tech Level 5 in GC for the Imperial Remnant they switch over to First Order and gain heroes like Captian Phasma,Kylo Ren.....ect, it is something we will be talking about and trying to figure out right up until we start fully working on the mod.

Now you are probably wondering about the Faction as of right now and how they stand, well we do plan to do full on EU Imperial Remnant and New Republic, the Restored Empire was a faction brewing up during the GCW era and finally it's plans was acted out right after the Battle of Endor was finished, fully coming out that they stand against the ideas of the New Republic and Imperial Remnant.

The Restored Empire uses a lot of Clone Wars Republic tech like ships,vehicles and even weapons while still using Imperial tech, sometimes using clone armor on some of the higher ranking soldiers.

But for now i leave you with this, Star Wars: Battlefront Commander is our number 1 priority atm and this mod wont be started on until most likely the end of February or the beginning of March,but when we do start on this mod it is going to look and play even more amazing than our last mod.

We hope you guys will support us just like you have with Star Wars: Battlefront Commander all the way to the end.

Off-topic a bit here but if you guys want to know why this mod is showing up now and not like a month from now it's cause we wanted to get the mod out there and with it's name before it's idea and name was taken.

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is what you'll talk on GitHub ??

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