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We published our game TMM: Entourage on Steam Greenlight and have returned to hammering out the last remaining bugs. Everthing considered it has been a long and tough ride, but we feel confident with our game. Granted, it needs a lot of multiplayer test runs aswell as polish, but everyone knows: Game Development doesn't stop on release. We are committed to support it for a very long time.

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If you want to know more about TMM: Entourage, please visit our game here on indieDB:

And if you like what you are reading and seeing, please vote for us on Steam Greenlight:

To be honest, we would be happy if you voted for us even if you didn't like it :)

If your are interested in what's left to do:

Local Avoidance needs to be fixed, some sounds for spells are missing or just a placeholder, and multiplayer needs public testing. These are the biggest issues. The game needs more polish like separating the units from the terrain more clearly, but the game mechanics are mostly done and efficient.

Thank you for reading.

We really appreciate your interest.

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