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Hi! I began operation over the new project - the Submarine. Already there are practices, it is possible to see them in pictures.

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Operation is carried by full speed, updates and adding appear often. If it is interesting to you, I will tell about them here. If you haven't enough information, welcome to the official page.

Development is begun about two months ago. Are now implemented:
Possibility of movement on variable speeds;
Boat turns on variable angles;
Dipping on the given depths;
Up-Dawn Periscope;
increase view Periscope;
Urgent commands:
Immersion! ; Periscope depth! ; Dipping! .
Three look is implemented:
General view; Underwater view; Periscope view.

And it only began. The main operation still ahead, but process is begun, operation goes.

Screen shots:
Underwater, UP Periscope:


over water:


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