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I started preparing finally my first 2D mini game.

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I want to make this game complete, before
come ! :D
I will make some "noise" to this game.... actually music.
Next two week:
-construct learning and ... make a presentation video?




Lot of Studiessss :( and December :) and Happy Christmass!!!

I will make little videos about C2 Psyhics and Lairon gameplay...

I imagined up the story for the main character recently. The character presently has several mistakes in animation. The walk is presently awkward and needs fixed. If anybody is interested in sound design or has ideas for the game, I'm all ears! I am also thinking about a more serious game with the CryEngine 3 SDK. If someone wants to do this, I can help with graphics even. Next time I will be posting the story concept for La-La-Lairon

2011.10.18 -----> The front of the story is here... :)

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