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Bad news about the development of this mod and why I have to start from scratch...

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The development of this mod will have to start from scratch


Well,after I test the mod and basically added few new ones and test them,they are fine,
but next day I check something happen that I dont know what cause it, I receive
errors when trying to open the mod and when I check the INI itself some of the
Object ini are just blank page which I dont know why...

Where I will start?

Well,I have the old ini file in the trash can in my desktop which is nice
it will give me a boost! but some of the new ones arent there like the UN
faction, and their buildings and new units.

Could I help you?

Yes,and if you know what causing it and know how to fix it tell me!
I will not delete the INI file but if I already make new INI and put
most of the features that the old INI file have then I have to remove it.

Well, looks like there will be no updates then?

No, Ill still keep you guys updated by uploading some pictures when I add
new ones or some fun stuff happen!

Hope for the best!

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