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A magical character with the body of a snow ball takes out his nose. What happens next is totally unexpected!

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---------------------------------------Starsss - Development Blog Post #31---------------------------------------

A magical character with the body of a snow ball takes out his nose. What happens next is totally unexpected!

Starsss - Ro's Special Skill?

Did that grab your attention? As a matter of fact it describes exactly what you will be seeing in today's update - Ro's special skill!

In stark contrast to Beat's 5-hit combo, Ro's special skill - Stunning Nose, is more of an utility skill that you can use in certain situations. Let's take a look at it in action first!

Starsss - Ro's new Stunning Nose!

Instead of doing huge damage to a single enemy, Ro's Stunning Nose is an Area-Of-Effect (AOE) skill that damages any nearby enemies within its blast radius. More importantly, it also stuns those enemies for a few seconds!

While the affected enemies are stunned, they will not be able to move nor attack you! This gives you free reign to do whatever you want with them for that few seconds!

Ro's Stunning Nose also costs 5 mana (mp) to use. So if your max mp is 8, using Ro's Stunning Nose will leave you with 3 mp to use your abilities to attack.

While using Ro's Stunning Nose, do also take note that it will send Ro flying back (slightly) due to a slight recoil in shooting his nose. If you are near the edge of a platform, you might fall off from it after using it. So consider your surroundings before using it.

Starsss - That Recoil!

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