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As you might have guessed from the title, today's update is about the new and 2nd playable character that has been added to Starsss!

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---------------------------------------Starsss - Development Blog Post #29---------------------------------------

As you might have guessed from the title, today's update is about the new and 2nd playable character that has been added to Starsss!

But before we do so, let's go through the characters' names! Now if it was not mentioned before, the first playable character's name is Beat!

Starsss - The new Character Selection screen!

As shown in the new character selection screen above, Beat is a balanced character where your health (HP) and mana (MP) starts off with the same amount. This means that he is a great introductory character to start the game with (albeit the fact that he is the only one unlocked from the start).

Starsss - The unlockable new character, Ro!

On the other hand, Ro, the 2nd and new playable character of Starsss, is a character that you have to unlock by clearing the first (brick) world.

Starsss - More Mana! Less Health...

Ro also has more mana but significantly less health. In that sense Ro can be considered a more difficult character to play as compared to Beat. However, once you have unlocked Ro (from defeating Big Teeth), and have spent some time with him, you will notice that his huge mana pool gives him an offensive advantage.

Starsss - Unlock Ro if you can!

You might also have noticed by now that when you select a character in the character selection screen, you can see a line in the character's description which starts off with a S in a circle. This is a secret for now but rest assured that it is coming soon!

We're serious about constants updates/improving the game
We are not trying to sound too serious but it is in our blood to bring you the best gameplay experience possible with Starsss. We could not have brought Starsss to its current alpha stage without your feedback and support thus far. For that we want to thank you.

To further improve the gameplay experience of Starsss, we would like to enlist your help in sharing the word about Starsss. Share the word about the game with your family and friends. And if they are interested in a sale, Starsss is currently on a 65% discount so get it before the sale is over!

If not, sharing the word about Starsss' Steam Greenlight page and helping to upvote it will also go a long way in helping get the game onto Steam.

Last but not least, check out today's live game development stream which includes adding the unlocking of Ro in Starsss! Enjoy!

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