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It has been about 3 weeks since Starsss launched its first alpha version but an update is coming! The next version - v0.02a (Alpha) is finally on its way!

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---------------------------------------Starsss - Development Blog Post #32---------------------------------------

It has been about 3 weeks since Starsss launched its first alpha version but an update is coming! The next version - v0.02a (Alpha) is finally on its way!

If you have been following the past few updates, you might already know what's new in this new version. Nevertheless, here's a quick summary of what to expect in this upcoming update.

New playable character - Ro
Upon first starting the game and getting past the start game screen, you will be introduced to a new character selection screen. In this new screen, you can choose which character you want to start the game with - Beat (the first character), or Ro, the new playable character!

Ro is a much harder character to play with as he has much lower health as compared to Beat. On the other hand, he has a larger mana (MP) pool to draw from. This makes him a more offensive character as compared to Beat.

Starsss - More Mana! Less Health...

Special Skills
With the arrival of Ro, each playable character now has his/her unique special skill. You can activate it by simply using the S key (found right above your X).

While Beat's name isn't really due to his special skill, his special skill literally beats up enemies in a 5-hit combo.

Starsss - Beat's Special Skill has arrived!

On the other hand, Ro's special skill - Stunning Nose, does damage to multiple enemies at once while also stunning them for a short moment.

Starsss - Ro's new Stunning Nose!

Both characters' special skills can be used as long as you have enough mana (MP). However, do consider the large mana cost (5MP) associated with them so there is a tradeoff.

They also work well in certain situations but will not work as ideally in others. For example, if you were to use Ro's Stunning Nose on the edge of a platform, you will fall off from it.

Starsss - That Recoil!

Mana Orbs' Drop Rate
Mana orbs are a curious type of loot. If they are made to drop too frequently, it will upset the entire balance of the game. On the other hand, if their drop rate is low, you would have to sit there and wait for your mana to regenerate. And that is definitely not fun.

As such, while they still have the same drop rate, they will now have a higher chance of dropping when your mana (MP) is really low (0 - 1).

Starsss - More mana orbs?

This will ensure that you won't get too many mana orbs when you don't need them (e.g when your mp is almost full). It will also provide you with a steady recharge of mana when you really need it (e.g when your mana is zero).

So when does it arrive?

While there are other changes to the game, posting all of them here would make this blog update even much longer. As such, the patch notes for v0.02a will be posted when the new update is live.So when will the next version, v0.02a, arrive on the WhiteSponge Store? This coming 12th December! That is exactly 7 days from now! It's an extremely easy date to remember - 12.12.2014!

If you already own the game, you will be prompted to download the new update on 12.12.2014 when you start the game. If not, you can now get the game from the WhiteSponge Store directly! And it's on a sale too (65% discount)!

Last but not least, sneak a little peek into some gameplay preview of the upcoming v0.02a! Enjoy!

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