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Find all of the wonderful Star Ships. Use wookeepedia, the movies, games, each other, chuck norris what ever you can use for research but MUST BE CANON!

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For fun try to find some of these starships throughout research and give a link to see if you know your allie ships... Just post all the links 4 the 10 ships in the comments!
( Some are easier and more obvious than others but try 2 FIND ALL TEN).
The Ships; ( Called by their nicknames for difficulty)

1 TF Patrol Ship
2 Enforcement Ship
3 TF Missile Frigate
4 Federation Starship
5 Banking Clan Frigate
6 Battle Dreadnaught
7 CG Support Destroyer
8 Separatist Cruiser
9 TF Cruiser
10 TF Battleship

TF stands 4 Trade Federation!
CG stands 4 Commerce Guild!

pingaspie Author

Need a hint?

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does one ship appear more than once?

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pingaspie Author

no sir, but go ahead and tell me what ships u think they are even if u dont have all of them

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i haven't had a look at the answers yet and this is what i got:
TF patrol ship -

enforcement ship -

TF missle frigate -

federation starship -

Banking clan frigate -

battle dreadnaught -

CG support destroyer -

separatist cruiser -

TF cruiser -

TF battleship -

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pingaspie Author

TF patrol ship, TF battleship, and battle dreadnaught is wrong.
but im surprised u got some of the hard ones good job.

PS: ur answer 4 TF patrol ship was close but i didnt know that one existed, but i was refering to a different TF ship

PPS: Bulwarks are Techno Union, not TF

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