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The latest update brings 2 language packs: German and Russian into the game and much much more!

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Update v0.7014, May 28, 2014

Today's update comes with a little surprise. Two additional languages are implemented: German and Russian. You can find the procedure on how to activate them in the list below.

Other highlights include an addition to physics engine. You will now get damaged when colliding with objects, so be careful ;).

On the visual side, we've got new Crysalys and Shard asteroids. Check them out please and let us know what you think.

And finally, one of the things you've asked for: chase camera. I won't dabble too much. Have a go at it in-game, but remember to set the wanted shortcut first!

Time to runIn troublePlymouth shipyardEquinox carrierClosing in on a damaged relay satelliteProwess class


  • FIXED: An error where a License purchase cost was displayed as income during the first month of purchase
  • FIXED: Several errors in the Material editor that prevented several tabs from opening properly
  • FIXED: Several instances where asteroid field and station name labels were overlapping on the Starchart
  • FIXED: An error where ship damage particle effects were left hanging after loading/starting a new game when the last ended with player's destruction
  • FIXED: A saving-related error that resulted in the in-game date to be wrongly saved and displayed afterwards
  • FIXED: An error in the Loot panel that could cause a crash
  • FIXED: A script error where the player was notified of losing troopers on passing through a wormhole even if he/she had none to lose
  • FIXED: Stations Spire, New Sagittarius, Bethesda, Alexandria, Primrose, Mendoza HQ, Hathor, Hephaestus, Niigata, Panama, Orissa, Lunae, Plymouth, Masada, Caridad, Astralis, Delaware, Orleans, Yxaril, Qoseir, Alameda, Hamilton, Xerxes, New Delhi, Capetown, Rotterdam, HeraCorp HQ, Hallifax, Gilgamesh, Tortuga Bay, Waterloo, Solomon, Rayen, Sigil and Montreal now sell Equipment at intended prices
  • FIXED: All planets now sell Equipment at intended prices
  • FIXED: Equinox collision meshes re-imported to function properly
  • FIXED: A script error that prevented a derelict from spawning properly
  • ADDED: German and Russian localization is now available (errors are possible and please report them to us so we can repair them)
  • 1.Right-click on game name in the games list in Steam Client
  • 2.Open Properties and switch to LANGUAGE tab
  • 3.Choose language
  • 4.Please restart Steam Client to make sure it downloads the necessary localization data
  • ADDED: Chase camera mode that automatically tracks targeted object. Set appropriate shortcut in the Options->Controls menu
  • ADDED: Leave a nice little gift for your enemies in the form of the powerful Orpheus mine
  • ADDED: Knock down incoming heavy weapon projectiles with the Atlas defense field
  • ADDED: PTE disruptor can be used to force ships to drop out of Power to Engines and prevent them from activating it again for awhile
  • ADDED: Deploy the SETH platform to aid you in crushing your opponents
  • ADDED: Glossiness can now be altered in the Drydock->Customization panel
  • ADDED: New models, textures and shaders for the Crysalys asteroids
  • ADDED: New models, textures and shaders for the Shard asteroids
  • ADDED: Several elements in the world and sector files, in addition to a new database table, to facilitate better and faster localization to non-English languages
  • ADDED: Tooltips on visual indicators for camera/selection modes and the Fire At Will command.
  • UPDATED: Physics
  • Player now receives damage when colliding with objects (NPCs will receive this as well after their AI is tweaked to properly avoid collisions)
  • Player collision is accompanied with a visual effect
  • UPDATED: Now you can die on passing through Wormholes (until now, Hull could never be reduced to 0)
  • UPDATED: Reduced Experience gain on passing through Wormholes
  • UPDATED: Ship materials can now be further tweaked in the Drydock->Customization panel (reflection can be reduced much more)
  • UPDATED: Player now receives proper Reputation (negative or positive) depending on owner faction (when knocking out outlaw<\i> structures, you gain<\b> Reputation)
  • UPDATED: Derelict assembly files
  • UPDATED: Crysalys asteroid field rebuilt according to the new visuals
  • UPDATED: NPCs no longer commit several contraband scans in sequence
  • UPDATED: Some GUI panels to accommodate longer German and Russian words
  • UPDATED: Skill activation visual effects (removed a refractive blast<\i> that looked out-of-place on higher ship speeds)
  • UPDATED: New version of the Mod Manager released
  • Mods can now be properly updated, by simply overwriting your existing mod
  • Mod picture can now be of larger size to improve image quality on Steam Workshop, while the image scales as needed in-game
  • Mod Manager comes with added functionality
  • UPDATED: Workshop support now fully implemented. Updates to subscribed mods are now automatically downloaded and installed.
  • MODDING: Numerous pages added to the modding site and information updated (please check for details)

If you're looking to get more info, check out our official Facebook page and our Twitter channel!

To find out more on how to go about modding Starpoint Gemini 2 even in its current beta stage, visit the Modding website!

If you're looking for Starpoint Gemini 2 Steam store page, look no further :).

Thank you for reading and safe travels captain!


I love developer who actually care about their product and not just put as much money in their pockets to go on vacation to the "Fuckyoucustomermountains". Looking at you DICE and EA. Cheers

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Only EA not Dice. You should read about it sometime!

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Sorry, but you can't just blame one, both are in authority for their product. Cheers

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when 0.8?

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