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A brief review of this great space rpg game created by LGM. A great Development team who are setting new standards in the art of communicating with the players!

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If you love space games then this one will keep you going for a long time! It is still in development but is quite playable and fun even in alpha...This is a rare gem because the Dev team takes a very open and active role in communicating with the players and taking to heart the feedback, you can see the result of this with each update! I strongly believe that this is going to be a great game.In case you have not noticed yes I am a hard-core space gamer;)Even in alpha state this game is well worth the price and in better shape than most release quality games!. You start the game in a pre-defined ship that you can sell to get a different ship(be it a bigger one)there is a garage that you can park all the ships you have this is a great feature. There is plenty to do, such as mining which is done via blowing the astriods apart and getting the ore that drops. This feature is still being worked on and will get even better.Trading is also good, with all the many stations and planets you can spend many hours in search of a better price for goods. There is also freelance missions, currently there is passenger, trade, assassination, patrol and rescue they are quite good but this is a feature that is still being tweaked so expect them to get even better:)The graphics are really well done and run good on most systems. Gemini is a huge place with lots of areas that you will want to visit and explore, in a way it reminds me of freelancer in regards to exploring and how trading works. This is a quote from danijel one of the developers about trading "Let me give a more detailed explanation. Trading is planned to be similar to that of Freelancer: fixed prices of goods on various stations/planets. Commodities are the cheapest where they are produced.We felt that wasn't enough, so we'll also have random global events firing off that can impact prices, either globally for the entire Gemini, or on a region-basis, or on a faction basis etc. Since we felt that still wouldn't be enough, we'll also implement certain triggers that the player can fire off to initiate such global events. For example, knocking out a number of gas collectors in a region, will inevitably have an impact on gas prices in the region and beyond".The sound is also quite nice that draws you into that mood of open space. The voice overs and the crew sounds are excelent and they are still adding more in. The sound effects such as explosions and weapons fit in just right.The game runs good with very little CTD's and that is damn good for a game that is still in alpha state!All in all I give this game an A+ so if you are on the fence about buying it, stop and get it now. By doing so you are doing a great deed in helping fund a really great game that I think will have its name in the "Space Game Hall of Fame"... Also be sure to check out the community forums And the main website
Facebook page Best of luck to all the pilots and god speed.

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Excellent current state review of Starpoint Galaxy 2 - Only thing I will add is, if you're an avid Space gamer "Buy This Now!!!" you will not be disappointed.

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