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StarMade now has a new planet type: Ice. Also a lot of Server Fixes and features were added.

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Hello and welcome to StarMade,

A lot has been added and updated in the world of StarMade once again.

New Planet: Ice

This new planet uses a modified algorithm to create a glacier like world. The atmosphere has a very dark blue hue, and you will be able to find rare glowing crystals in its depths.

Ice Planet Ice Planet
Ice PlanetIce Planet

Server Features: Protection and Essentials

The server admins now have a variety of tools at their disposal to better administrate the players.

Essential administration tools

  • Kick: Admins can now kick players from the server
  • (Un-)Ban: Admin can ban players by name and by IP
  • Sector-Modification: Admins can protect individual sectors from any damage (good against grieving in the starting sector)
  • Shutdown: Countdown visible for all players until server shutdown (good for updating servers with players on them)
  • Teleport: teleport admins to other players or vice versa. Admins can also teleport to any sector.
  • Search Ship: Admins can search any ship by name in the database to know its sector.
  • Give Credits & Blocks: Give credits & blocks individually or by category to players.
  • and much more, which can be looked up in

Player Name Protection

Players now can protect their player file on any server from other people. The system works by accessing the API of,, and authenticating players over the site. Logging in to the site from the game is called "uplinking".

If you are uplinked, and log in on a server that has player protection turned on, you will only be able to log in as that player if you successfully unlinked as the account, that has first logged in with that player name. Only one name per account can be protected at a time, so if you change your player name, you will loose the protection of any other player name.This also protects server from players abusing admin powers by logging on with a player name, that they know is an admin.

Server Stability

I worked hard on bug fixes, server stability and performance, and our new Official US server ( ) finally runs pretty stable with 8+ players on it while only using a maximum of 1GB RAM, and a dual core processor.

What comes next

A lot of stuff is already in queue, a new player model, custom skins, a database upgrade for 85% less size and faster loading, a docking system upgrade, a physics performance upgrade, a new shield system, a new chat system, a block manufacturing system, and much more

Thanks for playing StarMade,

- schema

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