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A lot of stuff has been done. Here is a quick update from the latest dev version.

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Hello and welcome to StarMade,

the coming update will feature rotating systems in space.

Rotating Systems

The universe is now structures into bigger chunks of data. There are now systems on top of sectors. Systems are part fixed, and part rotating. You can imagine it like a big cube with a bubble in the middle that rotates. Every System has center, that is going to determine the overall structure of the sector. At the moment there are sun-systems, and black-hole-systems.

If you are near a sun (in a neighbor sector) you will take hull damage. It is however possible to hide behind an Asteroid to evade that damage. On the other hand, sectors near to the sun will have high yield asteroids, so it would be advisable to have a friend with a blast shield guarding your mining operation.

Furthermore, there are black hole systems. Black holes will take you to a destination far a away in the universe. they will establish a link (wormhole) to another black hole so players can explore remote regions without having to travel for hours (of cause there will be personal jump gates in the future also).

One of the greatest things about the systems is also, that finally all the work I put into atmosphere shows itself. All the stuff in the following videos are fully compatible to GL2.1 and therefore available on every computer that runs starmade:

Go to to get further information about the coming updates and join our community. I will also do somewhat of a backtracking for news that I missed posting on IndieDB soon

thanks for playing StarMade,
- schema


Thats so cool! By what I see of this game so far, it looks absolutely amazing. I feel like you guys are hitting the feeling of being space perfectly. I hope you guys add more unique space dynamics too! Absolutely brilliant.

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Great game you have there, I tried the alpha and it worked very well (Linux). Nicely done, keep it up!

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