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Okay. So I remade the whole project. I'd like to call this update Starlord-revised! In this update the whole combat system is remade. Made it much more easier for me to implement different types of new turrets and support for crew skills to affect your turrets and ship. This time I'll let you test it out. But remember, this project is still under heavy development. o7

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The whole combat system is revised

Featuring turrets!
In this update I made it much easier for myself to implement more player turrets and even support for crew skills to your ship. Your ship crew will always be needed as they will help you during combat. But the crew system is still under development, and will not be seen in this update as of yet.

Enemies are remade!
All factions in space will now have a certain reputation with your pilot and crew. Which means that you will not be engaged by certain types of non-aggressive factions, if you do not fire upon them first, or you have a bounty to their faction. (Not featured as of yet in the demo/test)

Health bars!
This time you will be able to keep track of your target's health. Or armor, whatever you wish to call it.
I'm still working on whether ships only have armor or if I should make shields + armor to ships.
I guess you can help me choose in the comment section.

I remade the static "follow player only" camera to a dynamic camera. Which means that we can now interact with small cutscenes.

Feel free to try this update, it's in the download section.
Please note; in this update I only included hostile humans for you to shoot.
File is called "Starlord-revised_test".
And more updates will come!

Fly safe! o7

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