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Will the long-awaited Stargate Worlds suffer the same fate as Stargate SG-1: The Alliance?

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UPDATE: 8/4/2009
Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment's senior marketing manager Kevin Balentine, has forward the reassurance that Stargate Worlds is still in development and will be released and that Stargate Worlds won’t suffer the same fate as the cancelled Stargate SG-1: The Alliance.

“I can assure you that Stargate Worlds is in development and we are hard at work on the project,...And we’re still working here. No matter what the news is that’s going around out there, we’re still working. The game is going to get done. And you will like it!”

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After many years in development, Stargate Co-Creator and Writer Brad Wright has finally commented on the status and future of the long-awaited
Stargate Worlds:

“We don’t know,
it’s a shame. If it doesn’t happen — and, let’s be honest, it should be happening now if it was happening. It’s a shame. It’s a terrible shame. They had an opportunity and they got our support, and they obviously had significant funding, and it didn’t happen. It’s kind of a drag for the fans and the time that we invested — what little of it there really was, in comparison to what they did — was still a shame that it was wasted, because it should have happened. Now MGM is back in a position where they don’t have a product in that marketplace that they should. There should be a shiny Stargate game on the shelves right now and there isn’t, and it’s wrong.

The website has been recently taken offline. Which many fans hope is a sign of good news.
Officially Stargate Worlds is still in development and will eventually be released. When, however is a completely different story.

However, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment is being sued by IO Capital Princess -
a data center business - for an unpaid account. In the event that Stargate Worlds fails, it will be the 2nd Stargate game cancelled. Stargate SG-1: The Alliance was in production by Perception Studios, but was axed in 2005 at the beta stage, due to a dispute with game publishers JoWooD.

In other activities, Stargate Worlds has launched a racing team and posted more screenshots from the game.

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damn this is a kick in the pants.... but lets hope it works out for them in the end

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This can not fail, not now!!! But we can only wait...

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