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A list of stargate units for the next v of the mod

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As promised, here is a list of the Stargate units, have a look in the galary fo an image of them

Death Glider
Apophis Hatak (hatak with apophis tattoo in its icon, cloakable)
Anubis Hatak (hatak with anubis's tatto in the icon, morepowerful shields and weapons)
BC304 Mk2
Oniell Mk2
Ori Warship
Wraith Hive
Wraith Cruiser
Wraith Dart (not buildable)
Aurora Class MS (limit of 1 at a time and a max of 3 ever)
Jumpers (NOT cloakable due to annoying details i wont go into)

Apophis - In his custom mothership
Anbuis - in his custom mothership
SG1 - In an alkesh bomber
Prometheus - X-303
Daedalus - BC304 MK2 but will full weapons compliment
Thor - In Oniell Mk2
Hammond - faction leader
Rodney Mckay -C3P0 abilities
Shepard - in puddle jumper, cloakable, Rodneys transport

Tomorrow BSG units

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