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A few words concerning the release of Stargate Races r1.09 for Sins for a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

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Stargate Races v1.09 Released

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I am happy to announce that the next version of Stargate Races is now available for download.

SGR v1.09 is a modest update but incorporates the latest changes that come from the new full release of Sins: Remastered v1.00. While much of the major changes are related to that, there are a few other changes and additions made as well.

Remastered Planets

The biggest thing you will notice right away is the full PBR implementation of planets that Sins: Remastered v1.00 brings. The basic textures for the new planets were included in the previous release of SGR but only now will you be able to see them as they are truly intended to appear.

SGR Terran Planet 2

Terran Planet

SGR Ferrous Planet

Ferrous Planet

SGR Savannah Planet

Savannah Planet

Most of SGR’s planet types are sourced specifically for the mod, a few of them are using some of the newly revised versions from Remastered.


While SGR has had its own set of unique skyboxes for some time, the latest Remastered significantly raises the bar for how a skybox can look and the features it can incorporate. For that reason, I have opted to drop SGR’s old roster of custom skyboxes and use the Remastered set. Once you load up a game and take a look around, I think you’ll see why.

Content Changes

While there have been a few tweaks and changes made to some abilities on the Ancient Dirou Destroyer, the most notable changes and additions are for the Ori this update.

While still a work in progress, I am pleased to say that most of the Ori capital ships now have new, custom models and textures with this update. The Inquisition, Redemption, Salvation and Expurgation have all received new versions. This leaves the Perdition still using a somewhat generic placeholder yet, but I wasn’t able to get something I was happy with implemented in time for this release.

Still, I think most will find the new visuals with the Ori fleet to be a welcome step forward.

Ori Inquisition Mothership

Inquisition Class Mothership

Ori Salvation Mothership

Salvation Class Mothership

Ori Redemption Mothership

Redemption Class Mothership

The Future

While I don’t consider SGR to be “done”, I suspect this may be the last release for a while. Most likely until Sins 2 is at or near completion. This is mainly due to time commitment on my part that will be claiming the majority of what was my time for working on it. Once Sins 2 is out, I expect future SGR versions will be moved to the new game, although it may be called something else… Plans are not entirely clear yet.

Yes, that means that this may well be the last version for Sins Rebellion. Saying that does bring a certain sadness to me, but I’m sure you can all understand that, going forward, maintaining a version of the content for both games would be unfeasible. It certainly doesn’t mean that it is the end of the content or the mod entirely. Only that it will mostly likely adapt with time and we’re currently at a bit of a threshold for now. I look forward to giving you all more news as things progress.

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Guest - - 699,825 comments

I haven't had sound with this mod for a while, hope you could give us a patch update. Sins2 is maybe 60% completed.

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dolynick Author
dolynick - - 637 comments

There's something wrong with your mod installation then because there's definitely nothing wrong with the sound files setup in the mod.

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Guest - - 699,825 comments

I have big Issues with suddenly the game crashing when i start on any map.

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dolynick Author
dolynick - - 637 comments

That most likely indicates that Sins Remastered is not enabled or is not working properly.

Run Remastered by itself first to make sure it is installed properly and works on it's own. Once it does, add SGR back on top in the mod stack.

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