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Mod News for my mod... Is that 50 characters? almost... maybe now...

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All I am waiting on is the animation tool... once i get it, the release will happen very quickly.

This is why...

I did not create the animation tool. A friend of mine from Germany has created it... He will not release the tool without a sample file that shows how to create animations on a fully rigged character for Joint Ops. I have created a character just for this. It is the Military Officer above. I chose this character because I can use it in the Stargate Mod & others can use it in Other mods without it seeming out of place. If I used Thor as the sample file noone else would ever use it in their mod basically.

The biggest problem with this is the intricate vertex weighting that needs to be done. It needs done to the 1st & 3rd person versions of this model... I suck at weights & verticies.... especially when its in fingers & hands...

Once I get the tool it will be easy to finish object animations. They are very simple compared to a human.

At that point it will be really simple to create 2 mods from 1 or several minimods just by altering 1 definition file... by altering the files that get called up upon activating the mod, you can in essence create 2 mods... SGC & SGA as seperate mods... also once i get more destiny stuff ready all i would have to do is dump in the new buildings ships etc. then create new Def file & bam... new mod on old mod... its a great system.

What I need is someone who can rig a character with rigid vertexes physique modifier (skin modifier is also possible) but needs to be 3-links. If anyone could help with this it would be freakin awesome...

Once its done I can get the tool & release my beta... after that I can update with SVN or something untill the mod is finished. The beta is playable now... gates work no issues... no crossover. Maps have been creates with gate networks already functional with code if anyone wants to create maps or missions...

All I need is this character to be weighted.
Hit me up if you can help do this.

I posted a new video. its on YouTube cant post here... not sure why here is a direct link

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