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This post presents new ship designs for the Travellers and also includes a change log of recent updates to Stargate Invasion.

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Stargate Invasion Progress Report July (Week 1)Travellers Fleet CL 061


This past week has seen the rise of a potential Traveller fleet, most of the ships in the renderings (all but one) are newly built models amongst which are 4 completely new designs. Below is also a log of recent coding changes.

Travellers Fleet CL 051


- Updated name and description for Human Hero Odyssey Class


- Implemented new upkeep system

For the Human Faction:

- For normal Human start added 1 BC304 and 2 Ares Class

- For quick Human start added 2 BC304 and 4 Ares Class

- Balanced Human Capital Asgard Plasma Weapons ability

Various Fixes

- Apollo, Daedalus and the Odyssey hero ships can spawn now.

- Human Ares Weapon 0 Particle Effect changed from Asgard Plasma Effect to Railgun Effect

- Fixed missing hud icon for Apollo and Odyssey abilities


- Linked Frigate Scout Fenrir Class Sounds files

- Linked Cruiser Ares Class Sounds files

- Removed Unused sound files

- Linked sound files for Human Hero Odyssey

Designs & Models

The new Traveller ships:Travellers CruiserHeavy CL 031

Travellers CruiserHeavy CL 021

Travellers CruiserHeavy CL 011

This is the original Traveller ship from the show and it will continue to get more detail, as with the Aurora and Antaeus before, it will be used to make height/colorID stamp greebles for texturing.

Traveller Capital Colony Design:Travellers CapitalColony CL 011

Traveller Capital Carrier Design:Travellers CapitalCarrier CL 011

Traveller Capital Destroyer/Siege Design:Travellers CapitalSiegeOrDestroy 1

Traveller Fighter Design:Travellers Fighters CL 011

Travellers Fighters CL 021

The Asuran Antropos is also getting a new model with higher level of detail based on reference from the show. This is still early work in progress and may take some time as the reference images are lacking in certain areas:

Atropos WIP 04

Atropos WIP 03

Atropos WIP 02

Atropos WIP 01


Looking great ! I look forward to see Travelers ships in the game :)

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Traveller model is awesome.
What program do you model with ?

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dotNfg Author

I'm working with MODO 10.2 but I didn't use anything special for the Traveller compared to other software. It's still ''low poly'' (32k triangles unoptimized, should be under 25k after I clean it) so no subd. The only really MODO specific thing is from the rendering (rounded edges shader), makes it look like a high poly by simulating round edges in the material. Very nifty function, not sure if other software offer something similar. They might by now.

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I am very excited with this! Can't wait!

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The traveller going to be the new team?

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dotNfg Author

Most likely they will either be an event or part of the non-playable factions. It's too early to say which

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Oh god how i love these models <3 <3 Amazing job!

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dotNfg Author

Thanks! I may make a more complete Traveller line up once these ships are in the mod.

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WOW! loved the traveller ships in the series. this is going to be great!

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