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We go over our intentions with the mod and exactly what were doing at this stage.

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Hello Moddb,

As of yet we can't actually do anything of a game nature, as we don't really have our hand on the Editor itself. We Do! on the other hand have access to the beta so i can assure you there has been a lot of thought going into the game at the moment.

Were still not sure what were going to do about the Medical Classes (Priest) for Zerg and Terran as we don't want them to be to late game characters (standard starcraft play). Protoss we decided to opt for the early caster in there arsenal, which turn out to be the sentry. Though the Sentry doesn't heal in game we hope to alter it a little to more favor a caster than anything.

I've decided to begin work on a few concepts for the world players will be able to play in. This world will be big but, we want to take baby steps with the development and not jump in head first. Where going to release a few area's at a time, keeping the level cap at low to start and gradually ascend. As far as monsters and dungeons go, were going to be having your normal units from starcraft 2 at low level areas and then as you progress through the game and leveling area's, data edited creatures. Dungeons are going to be fun too, we want to have bosses and unique items and quest to all tie into them but as i said earlier, we haven't really thought in-depth about it at this stage.We will also be including a large array of quests and story line quest's, to keep the player busy through out his time in The Starcraft Universe, (We didn't want it to be a massive grind like most RPG's).

Our main objective at this very stage in development, is to get the coding and scripting correct, have a playable environment that suits the races architecture and most of all, get Medical Classes.

We'd love to hear more from the community on some of your idea's and if your interested in joining the Starcraft 2 Universe Development Team, please don't hesitate to PM me (Guni).

Kind Regards,

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