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Blizzard releases modding tools for StarCraft II right from the free SC2 Starter edition.

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Blizzard is opening up a thriving developer and modding ecosystem to a much larger audience, THE WORLD! Completely FREE

Blizzard is well known and loved for its support of the modding communities over the years, and they aren't holding back this year, with the release of the StarCraft II Beta Tools last September, the tool set is now fully released, along with detailed tutorials written by blizzards technical art department and its free for everyone!

This is all possible due to the release of Blizzard Arcade a Free modding portal inside StarCraft II, that showcases yours and others creations, maps, games and mods free to anyone with StarCraft II or SC2 Starter Edition (a completely free installation)

The tools are in the StarCraft II Starter Edition, so there's no need to download or install other packages.

The Tutorials section has had an overhaul with specific articles on mapping, scripting, animation and publishing.

What will you be creating? Will you turn Starcraft into Warcraft? Or Dungeon Keeper?
Thumbs up Blizzard and keep changing the game!

Guest - - 698,743 comments

Hell yeah!

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SeriousToni - - 627 comments

So will I get the whole game for free? Or is this meant to be only the dev tools?

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TheNodCommander - - 1,114 comments

You get the development tools, access to online play on the Arcade (Hundreds upon hundreds of custom games/maps) and a few campaign missions, as far as I understood.

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medve - - 1,475 comments

you get the content itself, like in source. you have to pay for the game.

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OrangeNero - - 6,593 comments

thats really cool especially for me I played the arcade more than SC2 xD

Gotta love Warships.

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InStars - - 670 comments

You can't test or publish your maps/mods in Starter Edition so the editor kinda useless :(

Whats the point of creating stuff if you can't even run it?

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Winsberg - - 206 comments

Wow, finally someone notices it that SC2 is the new WC3 basically...thats the reason why i bought it a year ago, the modding is what make warcraft 3 still interesting today and SC2 modding is even better cause no annoying bugs that you have in warcraft...I just hope ppl try to do more with custom models^^ some stuff is horrible..zealots riding on ultralisk called horseman..oh god.

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