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The upcoming 4X MMORTS from Solid Clouds will begin its seventh alpha test tomorrow.

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What’s a Starborne?

Starborne is a new take on the strategy genre, combining 4X empire building with the real time, multiplayer component of an MMORTS. Players take on the role of space commander to compete against thousands of other players over control of the map, forging alliances, waging wars and expanding their galactic empire along the way.

Space StationStrategicPointMapShot

What’s New?

  • A larger map which can support up to 2.492 concurrent players.
  • 240 Strategic Points, which alliances must capture to increase their score, have been added.
  • Scouts can now sabotage outposts to temporarily disable them.
  • Points of Interest now display recent activity on the map.
  • Alliance leaders can now assign custom colors to other factions.
  • Reduced the snowballing in the early game with a number of balance tweaks.
  • 15 New cards which allow the exchange of resources, instant event completion and more.
  • A number of optimization tweaks which make the game less resource intensive.

How can I play?

You can download the game on our website shortly before the server goes live tomorrow. Starborne currently only works on Windows, and you’ll need an internet connection as this is a multiplayer game. The Alpha Test will last three months and end on January 18, 2018.

Make sure to check out our subreddit and Discord channel - they are the main community hubs and the best place to get questions answered.

About Us

Solid Clouds is an independent game development company based in Seltjarnarnes, Iceland. Since its inception in 2014, the team has welcomed a number of industry veterans to the team, such as Ásgeir Ásgeirsson, EVE Online’s former Art Director, and Hrafnkell Óskarsson, who spearheaded the design and lore of EVE Online. Starborne is our debut title, and we’ve been working on it for a little over three years now.

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