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I've released an updated 3.0 version of the Star Wars Total War-DEMO. The new 3.0 version of the DEMO has: 1. Ewooks and Wookies added to the Rebel Alliance - they also do get a T4-B Heavy Tank Mech and the hero Luke Skywalker from RoTJ, New Gamorrean Guards added to the Galactic Empire - the First Order Commander bodyguard of Darth Vader is now its own unit, and they also get an IG-88 Assassin Droid, A new Historical Battle has been implemented by Dagovax - Duel on Death Star 2 - and more.

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Installation Instructions:

Place the SWTW-folder inside of your D:\Games\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War\alexander-folder using the CD - then move the Star Wars Total War.bat-file to the main Rome Total War directory and double-click it to start the mod.

With Steam place the folder SWTW inside of your I:\Steam\steamapps\common\Rome Total War Alexander\alexander folder - then go to your Steam Library and right-click on the "Rome Total War - Alexander" - then click on the option at the bottom "properties" - after which you should add the following line "-mod:alexander/SWTW -show_err -ne" without the quote-marks.

Then launch the game through Steam.

So I gave Dagovax Sirrianus the idea to re-make the old Star Wars: Total War mod. I had the models from the easily mod-able game Freedom Force - and when he tried getting them into the Rome: Total War engine they worked well. Fredom Force is from 2005 (the expansion) and RTW is a game from 2004 - so the models were old enough.

Features of the new 3.0 version of the DEMO:

1. The three old Ewook-units and the old Wookie-unit have been added for the Rebel Alliance as well, and are no longer unique to the Neutral/Slave-faction - also known as the unplayable faction in the games campaign.

2. The Rebel Alliance has gotten six new units in total including the previously mentioned four units - they also have a new T4-B Heavy Tank Mech, and Luke Skywalker from Episode VI Return of the Jedi added as a hero with a bodyguard of Rebel Troopers - armed with his green lightsaber that he made for himself.

The Rebel Alliance has 6 new units!New T4-B Mechs/Tanks of the Rebel Alliance!Luke Skywalker from the Return of the Jedi with a green lightsaber!

3. The new Gamorrean Guard unit - added to the slave/neutral-faction in aprill but never released before -has also been added to the Galactic Empire as an additional unit in their roster.

The Galactic Empire also has two more new units - the IG-88 Assassin Droids, and the First Order Storm Trooper Commanders used previously as Darth Vader's bodyguard only. As a bodyguard they could only fight in melee despite their guns due to being the bodyguard of a melee character (Darth Vader with a lightsaber,) - but as their own units they can actually blast enemies with their guns.

The Galactic Empire has three new units!New Gamorrean Guards of the Neutrals/slave faction.New IG-88 Assassin Droids of the Galactic Empire.

4. A new Historical Battle in the 2nd Death Star has been implemented. Emperor Palpatine with lightning attack added to the historical battle - and it will have Luke Skywalker facing off against Darth Vader and the Emperor himself - the Death Star 2 has custom settlement interiors added by Dagovax as well.


5. I've fixed the missing unit/unit_info-cards of the Wookie-unit and the T4-B Heavy Tank unit.

I've fixed up the unit/unit_info cards of the T4-B Heavy Tanks and the Wookies!

This mod is still intended for custom battles only for now, as the campaign map hasn't been improved since version 2.0 - the campaign map is there but only has 10 planets/regions/settlements - too few to be able to enjoy a campaign but enough to try out some battles on Endor and on Hoth - Endor in the campaign has Ewook huts unlike Endor in the custom battles.

6. All the battlefields in custom battle except the two made by Dagovax Sirrianus specifically for this mod - Hoth and Endor - have been removed.

Rome   Total War Alexander Scre


This is the fifth update-video of Star Wars: Total War - a mod for Rome: Total War: Alexander.

The mod is still a WIP (Work-in-Progress) but it's been updated - it now has four new units - Luke Skywalker from Episode VI as a new hero for the Rebel Alliance, IG-88 Assassin Droids for the Galactic Empire, T4-B Tanks for the Rebel Alliance and Gamorrean Guards for the Neutrals.

A new Historical Battle has been implemented - Duel on Death Star 2 - between Darth Vader, Luke Skuwalker and the Emperor Palpatine.

This is the sixth update-video of Star Wars: Total War - a mod for Rome: Total War: Alexander.

Besides the above mentioned additions the mod has new unit cards for the units that lacked them, the units of the Neutrals (Ewooks, Wookies and Gamorrean Guards (new) has been added to the playable factions - the Rebel Alliance will get the Ewooks and the Wookies, and the Galactic Empire got the Gamorrean Guard.

All the spaceships now work in battle without CTD on all unit sizes.

It's still recommended to play this mod on small unit size as I can't say for certain that it won't CTD if too many giant ships are on the map at once. I managed to play a battle on huge without a CTD but that might not be the case for everyone.

Unit sizes increased for all the infantry so that they are using their maximum numbers. This means that on small unit-size they won't be 5-10 units running around, but instead will be 30 in a unit - which is enough to make it feel like a unit in an army. Giant spaceships, smaller spaceships, tanks, mechs and such will from now on be one in a unit. So most of the fighting will be between infantry shooting at each other and any vehicles and spaceships will be backup in smaller numbers.


How do I install it if I don't have Alexander?

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Mr_Nygren Author

It doesn't work without Alexander as it's been ported to Alexander.

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