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Update on the Development of Star Wars Total War. also I have given a description of what the 3 new factions in the mod will be like, screenshots of some of the new units will be posted in the next week or two.

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For the last couple of months development has been postponed due to that my parents have been refitting the kitchen and I had to help with laying floor tiles and removeing wall tiles and such witch hasn't left me much time to work on the mod, for this I apologise. but now development is continueing like before the Main Units for the factions have been mainly completed and the old rome total war units have been removed from custom battle mode. The new units might in the next Release be available to be recruited in campaign mode however it would purely be for haveing a muck around and wouldn't be balenced nor have a galatic map.

some of the New units are Chazrach slaves for the yuuzhar vong and Mandolorian Grenadiers, but the following factions will be included in the next release:
Corperate Sector Authority
Yuuzhar Vong

CSA are corperate owned systems that have a lease on thousands of systems in the outer rim of the empire where espos troopers keep the peace with blasters kept on fully automatic mode. They are trained to keep control of riots and can even don Riot Gear and use flamethrowers when necessary (in game they are seperate units). They also recruit some of the best of the older memebers of the stormtroopers where a strech in CSA space is seen as the closest thing a stromtrooper can have to a retirement. CSA have also been known to use Police droids to keep the Line in the face of hostile civilians.

The Yuuzhar vong are Extra-Galatic Invaders who dispise technology and use Biological wepons and interstellar transport, their hate of technology came from when their own galexy was nearly torn apart by two feuding droid civilisations when the biologicals rose up against them. Their Invasion began 25 years after the battle of yavin 4 brought the Fledgeling New republic to it's Knees until the Liveing Planet Zonama Sekot Intervened. Their warriors fight with flexible amphistaffs instead of ranged blasters with masses of chazrach slaves acting as cannon fodder, they have a Theocratic society dominated by a ridgid caste system.

One Clone ARC Trooper called alpha-02 went rogue and returned to mandolore and personally rebuilt the Mandolorian people into an organisation called the Mandolorian Protectors from Mandolorian Mercenarys and various mandolorian Factions like the Mandolorian Supercommandos and the Death watch who during the Mandolorian civil war fought each other. A Mandolorian is trained from birth for combat and live for it and comprise some of the strongest fighters (other than force users) the galexy has ever known. it was once said 'Armor is not what makes a Mandalorian. Armor is simply a manifestation of an impenetrable, unassailable heart'.


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...Yep, dead mod, it seems.

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