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Watch the first trailer of StarWars Frontlines and support us for MOTY 2017 !

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Dear Star Wars and Company of Heroes fans,

It's been a long path. But now you can feel the experience. Watch the very first showcase of the ruined Mos Eisley, where a brutal melee takes place between the Empire and the Rebellion. Watch custom units in live action and sounds and visual effects for lasers.

Get ready for Alpha 0.

Our First Trailer is out !

The video speaks for itself. Watch, enjoy, and support us by voting for Mod Of The Year 2017 !

We know the mod is not released yet, but we can now definitely be in the "Incoming" list, as release will happen in early 2018. Yes, you read well, Alpha 0 will soon be under your hands ! As a thanks, the best thing you can give us is the recognition of the MOTY : just click the giant Vote button on the summary page or below !

What will Alpha 0 be ?

Nothing more than a toy, really. There are still a lot of issues, and as said many times, it will only have infantry units. But you'll have the possibility to at last check what we did from as close as you whish.

Features will be :

  • At least one custom map : Ruined Mos Eisley
  • Complete rosters of infantry units for both factions
  • One playable doctrine tree for both factions
  • Custom sounds and effects
  • Custom music and interface

Battle on Mos Eisley

We would like to thank you again for the patience and support you continue to show everytime. It is always a pleasure to read all your comments, and it definitely motivates us to keep moving forward.

The Star Wars Frontlines dev team

Ebonhawk - 3D and 2D artist, project lead
Eol - Game design, programming, ModDB management
Ragpost - Music mix and design (with respect of J. Williams' work of course)
SirPsycho – Skill, time, patience and knowledge. Thanks a lot.
And BurtondrummerNY for his greatly appreciated help and very first models !

And as always, may the Force be with you !

Stormtroopers Taking Over


Absolutely phenomenal work, guys!
Looks like a very solid Alpha indeed :) Will be waiting ;)

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The Force is strong with this one..

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Great Job so far and a good base with the CoH Engine. Excited to see what u guys will present us in near future, got my vote! :)

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Looking forward to this, really great to see that CoH is getting fresh mods.

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Delightful! fantastically done!

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Can't wait to purge the rebel scum! For the Empire!

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mmmh looks nice but i have two concern tho. when you fire with real weapons you don't often see the trail of the bullet but thats not the case with star wars weapons. it seemed like not all "bullets" where represented from each fire.

also blaster have all a higher fire rate than ww2 rifle.
in the video it seemed like some troops where firing like they had a ww2 rifle in their hand.

we will be able to test it all anyway and give you a proper feedback :)

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.Eol. Author

Yup, lasers go so fast that sometimes you don't see them spawn at the end of the barrel. And the beams themselves are quite big, but we can't change that for now.
When zoomed in it gives that feeling, it is a bit better in the default camera view.

Weapons balance isn't done yet, so everything -including the rate of fire -
will be tuned accordingly, don't worry ;)

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By the Force... It's BEAUTIFUL. It's certainly the Star Wars RTS game the community needs. GREAT JOB!

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Really impressive great job guys!

-A guy.

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