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One week more working with the mod. Never I will get tired from edit it. This week I have made a group of fixes, some of them I will upload soon. They are corrections in some maps and improves in code.

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At the same time, yesterday, I was a bit tired from the Insurrection GC and I started a new GC with a small amount of planets. However, I was tired because the performance in my main computer was horrible but.......... I discovered how it was by a Nvidia control panel option. The low lactency mode can create more lag inside the galactic mode. I discovered it after load the same game at two different computers, the older computer could run the game faster in the same point. After it, I deactivated the low lactency mode and I could see with my own eyes how it was faster.

But it was not the unique change. I was testing another small change. The game has a multiplier increasing the galactic speed, by default, it is 4.0 and curiously in some mods, it is increased to 10+-. I have tried increasing it at my opinion, it is not good, it will increase mostly the travel speed. The building speed perhaps is changed but the mod has some customized additions for avoid a very fast value.

At my opinion, most of the lag problems are by the AI moving its units, if the speed of it is faster, it does not go to help. Perhaps in other galactic maps with different features be good but here, I do not think so.

By this reason, I have reduced the value to 1.0 and I like more this value because the travel speed is slow and differences between faster and slower units are more.

About performance. In a GC with more of 160 planets, with a faster value the lag can be big with many times frozen. With the lower galactic speed value. There is lag but the frozen moments are smaller and everything look run more smoother.

It was one of the improves. Other is the remove from the manual hidden from planets in the insurrection GC. Now the new planets are unlocked and the older are not locked. It does not go to slow more the GC than before because hide the planets does not give much more speed.

In addition, there were a trouble because sometimes you could see problems moving units. Specially from ground to orbit. You could see this problem in my previous videos. It looked as if something were updating the game and you could not move your units normally. It was a horrible problem. But now it does not happen and I go to update the mod with it. With the improve in the Insurrection and the lower galactic speed.

You can watch in the video the new Insurrection GC with less planets. It will add mostly famous planets with battles or important planets. In addition, it has some new planets, I have not added the names yet but by the positions, you can imagine what planets they are. ;-)


Always nice to see quality of life improvements!

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