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Star Wars has returned to Neverwinter Nights with the revival of Star Wars: Contrition, a Roleplaying Persistent World set 15 years after Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords!

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After nearly 18 months of resting, Star Wars Contrition is back online for good!Come back and explore the fantastic worlds of Star Wars in the era of the Knights of the Old Republic, before the time of the events of the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. Create your character with over a dozen species to choose from, as well as unique and exciting ways to play and earn credits to buy into your wildest dreams!
Contrition is taking a new focus on providing the highest quality of Dungeon Masters to help bring your story to it's fullest potential. We're looking for new Dungeon Masters at the time of this email, so if you feel like you've got what it takes, send in an application now! It is our prerogative to make sure everyone gets their own story told, and explore the dynamics of your fascinating characters in a galaxy that is at last in total war!
The Galaxy has progressed five long years following the events of the last run of Contrition. The Sith'ari is dead and the Imperium is taking the Galaxy by storm. The Republic has nearly disbanded and the Jedi Order is nowhere to be found! After a record of so much war, from the Mandalorian Wars, to the Jedi Civil War, and then to the Dark War... join in on what the denizens of the galaxy have foolishly deemed 'The Last War!'
Come celebrate with multiple planned events this weekend by our DM team starting May 2nd, 2015! Kick off the continuation of your story with a bang and see what Contrition is all about!
See you there!

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