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To all the true modders!!! I'm sorry that I don't have the talent nor the tools to make models or textures, like you can. In fact I'm more of a compiler than a modder, and I never intended to take credit for any work made by others.

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My Appologies...

All I want to do, is to upload a simple free public Clone Wars era mod. So that fans of the new TV-series and the new movies could be entertained, while they wait for RaW/IA2. I didn't know just how angry people are in here and I certainly don't want to take sides in any ongoing strife. After all, the Star Wars universe truly belongs to GEORGE LUCAS and no one, but him, can claim ownership of it. Furthermore, I really don't know what some modders are afraid of, I only intend to present their fantastic models in the best possible light, and remember...

[Yoda, The Phantom Menace] ;o)

I hope that the mod-leaders, of the mods that I have used stuff from, can see that I don't intend nor have tried to take credit for any of their work. All models, textures and icons, which are not found in the vanilla game, I have found in other mods and their authors will surely be credited. I tried to find the best looking and the ones that works the best, in a Clone Wars context. So it's a kind of "what's the best Clone Wars models list" and modders should see it as just that. If your work is included in this mod, it's because it is of high quality and because I think you are very talented.

I would have liked to have a real Hyena Droid Bomber, a Magnaguard Fighter, CIS symbols and many more heroes in the mod (like Mace Windu, Plo Kloon, Asaij Ventress and General Loathsome), but that will have to wait.

Not all the authors of models have replied to my mails yet, but I'm patient and understands that people have other things to do.


its jsut amazes me that people who create these models wouldnt be flattered to find their models being called the best of the best but in fact would explode over someone using them. i for one am looking forward to a new mod to play, i dont think i have touched my EAW in almost a month, been waiting and waiting for mods to come out. good luck with this and i for one hope that models will accept what you are asking them for for what it is, an honor to their talents.

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