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Update 1.1 "The Force Unleashed" This update adds new content and brings the mod up to date to Stellaris 1.4 Kennedy.

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Update 1.1 "The Force Unleashed"

This update adds a handful of new content and updates to existing factions, the galaxy and more. These are the majority of the changes below, with some minor ones we likely forgot to write down. Dubbed "The Force Unleashed" because it introduces some very basic force mechanics, by no means the final product but we wanted to test out a few things with you all. Unfortunately we don't have big QA testing teams but we rely on you to let us know of any bugs, imbalances or improvements you believe we should tend to.

Another major change is that we've decided for the moment to make the Ethics & Governments mod a required mod, it gives more variety in choice rather than leave you stuck with very few options, of which many don't fit. This will be temporary, as the next update we intend to introduce our own governments.


  • Added Andeddu’s Keep to Prakith
  • Added Kessel, Zakuul and a handful of other systems
  • Adjusted The Maw to have no overlapping Black holes and proper system class

Species & Portraits

  • Added new species portraits:
    • Echani
    • Arkanian
    • Korunnai
    • Sith
    • Kel Dor
    • Zabrak
    • Imperial
    • Togruta
    • Twilek
    • Zeltron
  • You can now find and purge Gungans on Naboo


  • Expanded starting Sith territory
  • Expanded starting Mandalorian territory
  • Expanded starting Hutt territory
  • Expanded Jedi territory
  • Added 11 new factions for the new races
  • Added Quarren to Dac (Mon Calamari)
  • Add in new Fallen Empires:
    • Gree
    • Killiks
  • Expanded Chiss territory
  • Added new Namelist:
    • Wookie
    • Hutt
  • New personalities added:
    • Kamino
    • Hutts


  • Add new Loading Screens
  • Updated Main Menu buttons
  • Animated Main menu background
  • Hologram effect for icons in main menu
  • Changed default space station image to SW themed one IG


  • Added in complete ship set for Sith
  • Added in complete ship set for Republic
  • Added new events images
  • Now have access to 120 colours for flags. (Thanks to Veegi for that)
  • Removed ship trails
  • Models for new buildings


  • Added new tech category: The Force
  • Added tech chain for The Force with 4 techs
  • Added two new habitability techs


  • Added new species trait: Force Attuned
  • Added 3 new Force leader traits for each leader type, with increasing power.


  • Added two new Force Ethics:
    • Dark Side
    • Light Side
  • Created compatibility and integration for Ethics & Governments Mod.
  • Updated empires to new available ethics and governments from Ethic & Governments Mod

Buildings and Units

  • Added 2 new habitability buildings for Asteroid and Molten worlds (Only usable through Alphamod for the moment)
  • Added new units for Force Tech Chain:
    • Force Acolyte: Basic Force unit
    • Force Warrior: Balanced but tough Force unit
    • Force Inquisitor: Low HP unit with high morale damage.
    • Force Master: Powerful Force unit.
  • Added new buildings for Force Tech Chain (names are temporary):
    • Force Academy (one per planet)
    • Great Academy (one per empire)
    • Temple (one per planet)
    • Great Temple (one per empire)
    • Library (one per planet)
    • Great Library (one per empire)
    • Tomb (one per planet)
    • Great Tomb (one per empire)
  • Added new Clone Units:
    • Clone Shock Trooper Company (Garrison Unit)
    • Clone Paratrooper Company
    • Clone Commando Squad
    • ARC Trooper Squad
  • Added new buildings: Sith Pyramid and Andeddu’s Keep

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Fixed relative power vassal opinion (Used to be that the stronger you were the more they hated you)
  • Increased core system cap from 5 to 10
  • Added new planet type:
    • Shipyard: Provides bonuses to ship production and cost, but drains 15% of energy and mineral credits.
  • Added new modifiers:
    • Ecumonopolis
      Orbital Shipyard
  • Adjusted name to A Galaxy Divided: Star Wars to allow for proper overwriting of other mods
  • Improved Hyperdrives:
    • Removed penalty when outside friendly territory
    • Halved the time for windup
  • A few colour changes to UI

Bug Fixes

  • Fix no ethos pops on homeworlds
  • Missing hyperlanes:
    • Cilpar
    • Turkana
    • Tyus Cluster
    • Jomark
    • Devaron
  • Fixed modifiers not appearing on some worlds


Upcoming Changes (In no particular order and may only arrive in the year 2200)

  • More Species
  • Centralisation of the Republic event
  • Further Force Mechanics (Neutral alignment and more techs)
  • Colonization of Asteroids, Molten, etc
  • Custom Enclaves
  • Custom Governments
  • More Shipyards and the ability to build them
  • Custom Dialogue
  • Trandoshans

Need Mando ship :p

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Fantastic Job keep up the good work comrade

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Great job! Love this mod. Are you thinking about adding the Eternal Empire?

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LastLeviathan Author

Yes, though we're leaning on making it a Fallen Empire/End Game crisis, I know quite a few people have expressed wanting to actually play as them.

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