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The new Trek had its world premiere on the 7th of April in Sydney.

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I don't want to write an article about the new film, or write about its reception, because I wasn't there. Let me post some links instead, so you can read the opinion of those, who were lucky enough to watch it.

A short article on TrekToday

The crowd was enthusiastic, but respectful during the almost two hours in which the cast members worked the rope line. The actors took time to answer some questions asked by those behind the ropes.

The report of an invited Trek fan

So everything in the movie was perfect, the story was well sorted out and fitted nicely into the trek universe.

The IMDB profile with a short review

In summary, this film is likely to appeal to a wide audience including die hard Trekkies and those new to the Star Trek universe. This is a must see film, even if you can't tell the difference between a Tribble and a Tholian!

A great surprise

That’s when I realized I was attending the world premier of Star Trek XI.

And finally a photo gallery

And prepare: the film will have been in the cinemas in a month. Do not miss it!

Live long, and prosper!

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