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The first patch for the last big update has been released, 3.0.7. It's focus is less features but to eliminate a row of minor and some major bugs encountered in the release of 3.0.6.

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The first patch for the last big update has been released, 3.0.7. It's focus is less features but to eliminate a row of minor and some major bugs encountered in the release of 3.0.6. Balancing wise this patch has the biggest impact on the borg vessel resource costs but also fixes a few other minor issues that could have been exploitable in multiplayer games. The AI has been further tweaked, not only technically but also visually - by popular demand - the Hard AI is now named the Merciless AI. On the bug fixing side of things especially the fixed out of sync issues with multiplayer games should be noticed.

Special thanks for all your suggestions and input in the forums and to everyone who helped to test the 3.0.7 pre patch. Patch 3.0.7 is only compatible with a previous 3.0.6 installation. Patching an earlier version (3.0.5a and below) results in a corrupt installation.

Fleet Operations Fleet Operations


  • Hovering Special Weapon buttons now shows their range on selected ships


  • General
    • Further AI adjustments and improvements. AI players have been renamed to Normal, Hard and Merciless
  • Dominion
    • Collision deals greatly reduced damage against stations
  • Borg
    • Rescaled the Borg construction costs on most vessels, causing reduced cost for smaller Borg units, but reduced the rate at which Connections accumulate
    • Sensor relay energy costs reduced and resource costs slightly increased
    • Adaption Matrixes may now also acquire a service contract to allow allies to repair
    • Borg vessels won't continue movement after using "Refresh Cycle"
  • Federation
    • Starfleet Command construction time increased to 120 seconds (bf.: 90)
    • It is now possible to use normal warp-in if you have less then three free warp-in slots. As Star Fleet has no ships to spare, vessels exceeding your warp-in cap will leave the sector immediately
  • Klingon
    • Shield Breaking Torpedo may now target stations, energy costs increased


  • All Dominion prototypes have the correct attributes now
  • In rare situations a previously owned derelict vessel could get command-able
  • The Dominion Attack Destroyer now explodes on ramming right away again, instead of floating dead in space first
  • The Dominion Attack Destroyer won't use it's Collision attack when on high weapon autonomy anymore
  • Fixed a bug in the craft ai causing a multiplayer out of sync issue
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the AI from recrewing recrew-capable stations and vessels
  • Under certain circumstances vessels using special weapon toggles could cause a multiplayer out of sync issue while cloaking or docking to a repair station
  • Some special weapon toggles unintentionally would deactivate when cloaking or docking to a repair station
  • Fixed a rare crash on loading a savegame
  • Station shuttle-traffic lost it's animation after loading a (save)game
  • Explosions didn't expire correctly and were still visible and appeared 'frozen' after a loading a savegame
  • Federation Phalanx Class vessels no longer produce an "Error" graphic when firing
  • Federation Veteran rank Saber Class vessels may now use their hyperimpulse correctly
  • Romulan Generix refits use the correct ammount of Veteran slots now
  • General Helev's Intelligence Center still counts as a special station once leveled up
  • Canaveral Class Tachyon Scans works as intended again
  • Canaveral Class officer abilities are working as intended now
  • Borg Detectors may refresh their cycles now
  • Dominion Cascade Feedback deals damage as intended now - finally
  • Klingon Alternative Armament disables the engines correctly
  • Veteran Mixed-Tech Akiras (Dominion) will still fire two torpedoes on Veteran rank
  • Veteran Mixed-Tech Defiants (Romulan and Klingon) will keep their new special abilities on Veteran rank
  • Fixed the insane use of Nanites when on high special weapon autonomy
  • Corrected some invalid Defensive Values for certain Tavara configurations
  • Leveled up Federation Akira Class vessels will show the correct visual effect once Defensive Patterns are activated
  • Fixed various issues with vessels of the same type not being selected when double-clicking them
  • Tooltips
    • Federation Warp-In will now display the current vessel limit again
    • Removed obsolete references to priority from some Borg tooltips
    • Upgraded starbases will now show their correct weaponry

Thanking you muchly ;)

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love this mod ;)

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