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This is time to diversify and divide my time modding in more proyects. By this reason, I will be making more from the Star Trek mod the next weeks. Anyway, the Star Wars mod is in a time where I want more improve everything than continue adding content. I will continue adding content but slowly.

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About the Star Trek mod itself, I will change a bit the name because the mod will add units from TOS, TMP and TNG eras. Name it TOS, it was not too correct.

Yes, I will be adding TNG units the next weeks. They are exactly some of the models from the mod Trek Wars but with a lot of additions as by example, death animations, damage effects, lights, weapons, turrets, yes turrets ;-) and more, much more.

In fact, these additions will be in all the space models from the mod. I will see later what the ground part requires.

Yes, I will add a better balance in weapons. There will be a lot of changes in the abilities and weapons. All the damage system will be new.

Here I have recorded the special battles used to improve weapons. Two Battleships, the one from TMP and the one from TOS. Two starships from different eras and by this reason, the TMP Battleship must be most powerful than the TOS Battleship but how much?

Test one, clearly the abilities are important. But the automatic abilities as the proton torpedoes blast makes too damage.

Test II, this time without manual abilities and only with the automatic torpedoes blast but with several improves in weapons damage. You can watch how there is clearly a improve. The TOS Battleship can win if you avoid most of the enemy blast and you get good shots in the hardpoints from the enemy ship. However, the blast continues being very powerful because these ships are small and one impact can damage most of the starship.

Test III. After more improves. Balance is much better. However, abilities are the key wining many times. But as you can see, you can avoid some of them because the proyectiles fired by them will not pursue you and these units are fast. Of course in a battle with more units, it will be different.

What about phasers? if you take a look, they make moderate damage but clearly they have firing arcs and you must move the unit searching increase your shots. In these battles 1 vs 1, you will not note nothing too different but the Phasers are turrets with movement, with a small difference, you will not see the turret but it runs a turret. They rotate, they have firing arcs and they recharge, by this reason, you must move your ship around the enemy if you want maximize the number of shots from your ship in the enemy.

Time to test the TMP Battleship vs a less powerful unit. I will use the FBCH from TMP. A powerful unit but less powerful, a class Heavy Battlecruiser. In the mod, weapons are divided at light/medium/heavy, space stations can have heavier weapons.

The FBCH clearly is not a match. Even with its abilities, it is not very good. At least controlled by the AI.

Controlled by me the FBCH is even worse. :-P The several Phasers from the Battleship convert my FBCH in dust very fast.

Now vs 3 FBCH. I use these TMP units as enemies because by the moment I have not improved more units from TMP era. From TOS, I improved all the starships only from the Federation. The new improves can be made fast but first I need free time for this.

As you can see, three FBCH can make some of trouble but they are defeated. I see the test as a complete success. More soon.

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