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I have updated the game to 0.3 Pre-Alpha, I talk about the changes.

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Over the past week I have been working mainly on the fleet management system. It is still not finished, actually it looks like a piece of crap, and is very buggy. However it is one of the first steps to create a much more advanced one. I have also implemented major changes in the framework, and we should be able to add moding capabilities very soon. On another note I have added a couple more ships, none of them are textured. Currently I would like to finish the Pre-Alpha before working on the aesthetics of the game. I feel that once the core systems are implemented I will have much more freedom with the development of the game. Not only this but I have added a simple main menu, it does not do much; however you are able to enter the settings and set different fleet settings as well as the maximum amount of asteroids you would like generated. Keep in mind that the generation of asteroids is very resource intensive, generating 900+ (maximum amount of asteroids 100 X 9 asteroids) will take much longer and may crash the game. The configuration file called fleetConfig.txt is very buggy. I would not suggest messing around with it as you will find many glitches! I understand that this is a very buggy and glitchy update to the game however it is essential.

During the next update I would like to exterminate all the bugs, this will take some time in itself, creating a lot of safety features so people do not generate glitches by mistake. Here is the full change-log to the update(all bulletined with a - are buggy:

  • Enabled 1 ship variant
  • Added 3 ship variants
  • Created ship following system
  • Disabled management system
  • Organised assets
  • Created private GitHub repository
  • Added images (will be used later)

- Added core framework features
- Added settings
- Added credits
- Added main menu
- Created fleet management
- Updated weapons system

The version is now available to be downloaded.

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