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Star Commander, a free 4x game from Membrane Software, has been updated to version 6.

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Star Commander is a free 4x game with streamlined mechanics for a minimum of empire micromanagement. Membrane Software has released an update for the game (version 6), with these changes:

* Windows build now runs in XP
* UI and game balance fixes
* Lasers can now withstand more damage before going offline
* Fixed a crash bug that can occur when processing the AI turns
* Fixed a problem that can occur if an cadet is removed from an Academy while in training
* Fixed a bug that can cause torpedoes to start combat in a "reloading" state
* Fixed a bug that prevents a production bonus planet from granting proper credit discounts

Thanks to all who provided feedback on the first builds, especially folks on Windows XP who should now have a working version. If you haven't tried the game and are looking for a strategy fix, Star Commander may be just what you're looking for... why not give it a download?

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