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I have released an update to the standing final. It addresses several issues that caused fatal errors.

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Rank removed, there was no way to do it without causing fatal errors eventually
Tech percentage is correctly displayed in stats when max tech vote is passed
Psychotic Hook correctly launches now, it was requiring Spinning Shards to be trained
Ogre Supremacy no longer gives a level to upgraded Ogres, for real this time
Temple of the Damned no longer lists Void as an upgrade
Overwhelm now displays the special effect that was supposed to go with it
All negative real values removed from dummies, this should fix the random fatal errors
Incendiary Bomber damage reduced from 40 to 20 per second
streamlined AI
Updated Brilliance Aura buff to specify .25 gain
Purifier Deploy now uses "d" for both commands
Purifier now has Sweeping Beams
Crushing Blows no longer moves the Forgotten One creep on Glacial Bays
Keep/Castle/Stronghold/Fortress upgrade times doubled
Arcane Labratory and Hollow no longer refer to super-units in the singular
Pig Farm reverted to Burrow
Farm name changed to FarSupply Houseit was never really a farm
Salvation Spire now has Bolster
Bloodlust dropped back to 40% attack speed increase from 60% - at 60% a fully upgraded magi does 1739.5 average damage in 40 seconds, at 40% a magi does 1157.5 in 40 seconds. This assumes that every possible hit is made and average damage per hit is 23.5.
Hammer of Thor now behaves correctly, updated tooltip as well
Runes mana cost decreased to 110
Revival mana cost reduced to 250
Fixed Technician model causing fatal errors, the model file was corrupted
AI now casts Cleanse, Corruption, Runes, and Hammer of Thor correctly
Hammer of Thor no longer leaves behind fatal error causing dummies
Hotkeys restructured to the 4x3 grid so that everything is uniform:
Armor Piercing Shells now allows targeting of all ground units
Barrage base damage increased to 32
Foundries can no longer repair themselves
Searing Bullet now deals 800 damage to a single unit
Naval Towers now to Normal damage to ships instead of siege
When Death Knights cast Raise Dead within 512 of a Brazier a Skeletal Mage will also be created
Sappers and Demolition Squads now have upgrades for speed and damage
Many minor aesthetic alterations

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