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Hello everyone, here is the release of version 1.0.1...

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Hello everyone, here is the release of version 1.0.1. There are hundreds of fixes in this version, mainly working with bumps, as well as replacing or fixing various textures, as well as removing those that are not tritely used by the game itself and, as a result, their presence does not carry any need. This version is required to download for those who use the previous version in certain mods, as well as in the original game. Do not forget to tell your friends about the project, repost and share the news, so you will help a lot in the development of the project. Have a nice game everyone.

Rules for using the texture pack "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Rebuild texture pack"

This is a global texture pack called "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Rebuild texture pack" ver. 1.0.1
By downloading the "Rebuild texture pack", you agree to the terms of use.

You can use my texture pack both in the original game and in mods
(builds) ONLY exclusively for personal use.

Any commercial use of the texture pack (and) or for personal gain is prohibited.

The texture pack is intended solely for your personal use (therefore you have no right to give,
sell, lend, give, assign, sublicense or otherwise
transfer to anyone) and does not give you any ownership rights to the texture pack.

You cannot use or exploit any parts of the texture pack as part of your personal projects
(games, servers, mods, updates, repacks or "builds").

It is strictly forbidden to modify (and) or make any changes
to my texture pack in any way.

Copying the texture pack or its individual parts (individual elements from the pack)
on party resources (cloud disks, torrents) - is strictly prohibited.

Do not take any actions with respect to the texture pack that would violate any copyrights.

I also have the right to change these terms of use if I deem it necessary, for example,
for legal reasons or to reflect changes.

When posting information about fashion, on third-party resources, for example, on your website,
including with a download link, it is mandatory specify the author and an active link to my
communities (, ), as well as fill out a detailed
description about the texture pack (what engine should be, system requirements, how to install, etc.).

When using my texture pack, as well as as part of certain assemblies with the participation of my
texture pack in the media (mass media) (streams, videos, reviews, etc., etc.) - be sure to specify links,
hashtags and the name of the pack (for example, in the description and (or) in the title), this
will also help in the development of my project. I hope for your adequate understanding.

To contact me on questions about texture pack for the Russian audience, write here:,
for ENG and foreign audience here: .

How to install:
Before installing the texture pack , just in case, make a backup of original textures, suddenly you
don't like my vision and my texture pack will violate your style or your idea or you won't like it.
Download from Google drive by clicking on the link
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Rebuild texture pack ver. 1.0.1
After downloading, open the archive using WinRAR or a similar program, unpack
everything in the root folder and the game, example:
"D:\Games\"S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Rebuild", if required replacing the gamedata folder,
then we agree with the replacement.

Textures were created exclusively for the OGSR Engine, as it works well with unloading a
large amount of memory, while on the original, you most likely will not even load the location.
Therefore, this pack is exclusively for Shadows of Chernobyl and modifications built on the
OGSR engine. Just as important: install the game and the texture pack on SSD or MVME drive,
since a regular HDD will not provide the required speed for the OGSR Engine.

System requirements:
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX950 4Gb and above, CPU fx8320 and above, 16Gb RAM
DDR3 1333 MHz, SSD or MVME drive.

From myself:
Please note that the development of the texture pack, despite the fact that it has been going on
since 2018, in fact, it still remains at the initial stage, because:
1.) I do everything alone.
2.) Not all textures have been completed yet (although there are more than 4100 thousand of them),
many of them do not suit mein terms of quality, I will solve this issue in version 2.0.
3.) Also an important point, textures in the form of certain specifics of the game were created mainly
for ent games and cloudy weather (I tried to make them darker to simulate getting wet,
but I think this experiment is not entirely successful and I will smoothly redo everything), and were
also made for purely MY PERSONAL vision and how I personally would like to see the game.
4.) It is important to understand that in the course of work, the textures will be supplemented with
details (cracks, seams, scuffs, rust stains, etc.) and other little things, after I make the base in
the form of "clean" textures. Also, some textures can be removed (for example, "stub" textures, or
those that just upset me and replaced with newly created ones - this is normal, often in the course
of work, something becomes irrelevant to me, the vision of the details may change and as a result, the
parts of the project themselves.

At the moment, these are textures exclusively for the "Shadow of Chernobyl" game, so when using
my texture pack on other parts of the game series, you must understand that this is exclusively your
initiative and for obvious reasons this version will NOT be compatible with other parts of
the game. I will also immediately answer the question, will there be an adaptation to other
parts of the series of games like COP and CS? - Yes, but first you need to do for SCOH.

I also want to add that the my texture pack includes the work of Ivan Danko (THE DEAD ZONE), which
he kindly provided me for integration into my texture pack, namely the textures of his grass for the
terrain, for which he has a special HUGE thanks, and I also leave links to his YouTube channel and Modb:
youtube channel DeadZoneIvanDanko
moddb Dead-Zone

Also on my own I want to recommend a mod called Radiophobia 3, which, in combination with my
texture pack, gives exactly the picture that you can see in the screenshots.

If you want to support me not only morally but also financially, then here are the requisites:
(Sberbank): 5336 6903 1948 5654.
Thank you in advance for the support that you appreciate my project and respect my small work
in the form of my project. I appreciate it, thanks again.

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