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Welcome to STALKER NEWS, a monthly newsletter inspired by the Russian modding site Read about the interesting world of stalker and its mods. This month's newsletter features news about Ray of Hope, True Stalker, XRMPE, Narodnaya Solyanka, Oblivion Lost Remake 3.0, and more!

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Welcome to the November release of STALKER NEWS!
With the debut of the AP-PRO Showcase event on the 13th, this one's juicy, folks! With over 30+ mods shown, it was quite something to translate. So please share this around, we'd really appreciate it.

Anyways, big thanks to Lelop - our moderator and part of staff, as well as SnoVV for helping translate some of these posts!

Let's get on with the news:

SFZ Project

In honor of his birthday, SFZ Project author exDeMODER wanted to treat the community to something sweet and shared a selection of fresh new materials from his mod! The first new video shows some gameplay and quests on the new Village location, and the second shows the atmospheric dispositions of the Metallurgical Plant location. The following screenshots show different areas, including underground locations. (Source)

The new trailer from "SFZ Project" that was featured on the AP-PRO Showcase event on the 14th of November. The video again shows the atmosphere, graphics, character voice-acting and some parts from the plot. (Source)

X-Ray Multiplayer Extension

0.7.3 and 0.7.4 update releases!

(0.7.3 Moddb Article | 0.7.4 Moddb Article)

A new X-Ray Multiplayer Extension teaser was shown on the "AP-PRO Showcase 2021" event.

(Moddb Article)


News about changes to in-game locations

The creator of S.C.O.P.E. has gone to great lengths to add extra detail to the in-game locations. There will be many animated objects in all the maps, such as fans, computers, wind turbines, etc. There will be a lot of static models and objects with light sources too. NPCs will interact with some of the objects in the environment, using a set of standard animations. A special video has been published for demonstration purposes. It is worth saying that so far the location is still in an early stage of development, and the work on the arrangement of objects is still WIP. (Source)

"S.C.O.P.E." author released a new video where he's testing out new objects inside interiors of his location and of course, showing it to everybody awaiting release! (Source)

In Spite of Darkness 3: Shard of Darkness

Source code and assets released by In Spite of Death 3: Shard of Darkness developers

Download links for the source code, concepts and builds of Spite of Death 3: Shard of Darkness are now available! The developers encourage the use of these assets in anyone's modding projects. (Source)


New Project

All developments of locations in the now-dead "In Spite of Death 3: Shard of Darkness" mod will be used in "New Project"! This was announced on the 22nd of October, where they also included a few new screenshots of the Garbage location.

It's also worth mentioning that the team has long had a developer from "In Spite of Death 3" - a level designer by the nickname of Swamp Doctor (Болотный доктор), whom many might recognize as the creator of the famous "Path in the Mist" mod. (Source)

Almost 10 minutes of gameplay from New Project, presented at the AP-PRO Showcase event. In it you might also notice the newly-adapted Gunslinger mod, in-game soundtrack, UI, graphics, and an excerpt from a quest. (Source)

Oblivion Lost Remake 3.0

Two new screenshots from the closed tests of "Oblivion Lost Remake 3.0"! According to the creator(s), testing is being done in the standard way: the testers find bugs and the developers fix them. The screenshots show an alternate bolt-in-hand position from build 1472. (Source)

A 3 minute video with highlights from Oblivion Lost Remake 3.0, shown at the AP-PRO Showcase event. The mod is (still) in closed beta testing, according to the author. (Source)

Old Concept

New footage from "Old Concept" will be shown in the near feature, as well as an upcoming selection of new screenshots which will be coming soon, the authors announced. Many speculate that this will be gameplay footage. (Source)

Live Zone

New screenshots from the closed testing of the "Live Zone" mod! The project is dedicated to recreating a more realistic Pripyat inside Stalker. (Source)

Over 10 minutes of footage of Pripyat landscapes and objects from the Live Zone project, shown at the AP-PRO Showcase event. (Source)

Old Episodes: Episode One

A fan-made remake for the 2008 mod "Old Episodes: Episode 1" has been released. The creator reworked the main storyline. Now its duration is approximately 15 minutes—which was only a couple of minutes long in the original. The game level was improved; new objects and vegetation were added. Graphics quality was also improved and a weapon pack was implemented. Download link is available at the AP-PRO forum link below. (Source)

(Download - rus.)

Forgotten Squad

The mod is developed on Call of Pripyat and will feature the popular Gunslinger weapons pack. The developers promise an interesting storyline, advanced a-life simulation and updated graphics. The release date is not yet known. (Source)

Bad Company 2: Mason

Bad Company 2: Mason has been released!

After five years of development, modder Mikhail Zarubin (NeptunMZ) presents the story mod "Bad Company 2: Mason" for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, which is a continuation of the mods "The Messenger" and "Bad Company", combining them together into a trilogy about the adventures of Mason. The developer aims to demonstrate an entirely new approach to creating story mods. The uniqueness of the story lies in its great variability, the player is free to choose whatever path he wants to take, they are not limited by anything other than the endless traps and challenges that have been prepared for them the zone. The story was written to account for any player's action or inaction, allowing for a practical lack of uniformity in the playthrough.

But that's not all! Everyone who downloads the mod will receive a bonus remaster of the first part of Bad Company. You will be able to run through Pripyat again with an updated storyline, the contents of which unfold two months before the original events of "Bad Company 2: Mason".

The developer also states that he has plans to release a large DLC for the mod, which should implement all the ideas that were not included in the original. If you want to get more familiar with this project or support its author, take a look at the mod's forum thread.

(Source and Moddb page)

(Download - rus.)

Another Reality

“Another Reality” authors shared some fresh development news! Quite recently, the Empty Lands location was compiled on the maximum quality settings: Its landscapes can be seen in the new selection of screenshots located below. You might also notice the recent adaptation of the "Global Stalker Weather Rework" mod inside the screenshots. The developers also decided to take a few locations from other projects - like Agroprom from "In Spite of Death 3", and Cursed Forest from "Unexplored Land". All that needs to be completed now for the in-game locations is the Army warehouses. (Source)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl

While someone misses hot summertime on shores, we are wistful about the fine barrage of fire shots, a variety of weapons, full boxes of ammo, and other shooting range delights. The memories of days full of gunfire and work fill our hearts with warmth as well as our sound arsenal with new calibers: .22LR, 9х19, .45 ACP, 5,56х45, 7,62х39, 7,62х54R, 7,62х51 NATO and 12 cal.

Sincere gratitude to our friends from firearm store company «Ibis» for help in these forays, an assortment of guns with some rare pieces, and a solid stack of ammo!

P.S. Attention to stalkers: not all the models that are shown in the video will appear in-game. The main goal of these polygon days is a recording of different caliber shot sounds!

Extended video by "Ibis":


A small development report published by the team behind the "Labyrinth" project:

Work on the X-18 location has been completed. It has been merged with two other locations. The team noted it turned out beautiful, difficult, and unusually interesting. Work is still underway on the other locations, of which we'll most likely see 11. Along with this, newly added gameplay features, texts, and icons and other various things are too, under development right now. The release date for the project is still yet to be known. (Source)


New information came out for the upcoming 2.2 update. A dozen screenshots were included with the post.

The transition to a x64 engine made it possible for the game to utilize more RAM, which in turn means less out-of-memory crashes and optimizations for the in-game components. Support was also added for re-usable items (repair kits, for example), floating pop-up windows for the user interface, and an array of new possibilities for the hud and inventory in general.

Ever since the birth of the OP-series of mods, the developers have always been at work tiding and cleaning things up. Version 2.2 is not a exception to this. The developers have been fixing questionable moments, reducing backtracking, and making sure NPC behaviors and plotlines are more logical. But despite all of these changes, the authors say to not raise your expectations about the removal of absolutely all ambiguous parts. 2.2's gameplay will become much more difficult and complex; even quests that players have been previously familiar with were changed, where players will have to find new ways to complete them.

What might also delight you is the inclusion of new content: a bunch of new voice-overs, music, background noises, NPC reactions and remarks (which will even be funny sometimes), and much more. OP-2.2 is expected to be released in the near future. It's likely that version 2.2 and its subsequent patches will be the last for the current roster of developers. (Source)

Ray of Hope

Greetings! After a long "silence" in the media, we would like to share a video and thereby announce a development report that our team is currently working on.

- Ray of Hope team, Official RoH discord

Hibernation Evil - Episode IV

A small gameplay video with one of the quests from the fourth episode of the "Hibernation Evil" mod. The new episode is planned for release in 2022. (Source)

Dead Air

A video demo of the graphics, atmosphere, level design, and underground locations in Dead Air 1.0. The video was featured on the AP-PRO Showcase event. (Source)

Dark Times

Dark Times' first trailer — a story mod developed by the author of the recently released D.E.V.I.L.R.Y. mod. A new story, reworked locations, character voice-overs and more are in the plans for the mod. The trailer was presented at the AP-PRO Showcase event. (Source)

Till Last Standing

Till Last Standing announcement trailer from the AP-PRO showcase event. The authors set out to completely change our perception of the old stalker setting and help us perceive it in a completely different way. The mod will also reveal the answers to the many mysteries of the Zone, including what the C-Consciousness actually stands for and whether the creation of the Zone is part of a grand scheme.

The developers promise unique designs, improved graphics, character voiceovers, and an original soundtrack for the project. A weapon pack, new locations, and multiple choices to pick in the story are also in the plans. The project is set for release in 2022. (Source)

True Stalker

A day in the life of a true stalker - a fresh trailer for the True Stalker mod, shown at the AP-PRO Showcase event! (Source)

Lost Alpha DC Extended: Gunslinger Addon

A video demonstration of the new weapon attachment system in Lost Alpha DC Extended: Gunslinger Addon, shown at the AP-PRO Showcase event! (Source)

Alone in Windstorm

A new trailer for the Alone in Windstorm mod, shown at the AP-PRO Showcase event. Viewers were presented with the landscapes from the playable in-game areas, in which new models and dynamic objects were used. According to the developers, the mod was already completed in the summer, but they decided to not rush the release and refine some parts in the mod. For those who don't know: the mod is set in the Metro universe and is based on the X-Ray 1.6 Engine. (Source)

In Spite of Doubts

The story trailer for the newly announced In Spite of Doubts mod, shown at the AP-PRO Showcase event!

The authors promise an interesting story, which will take place in the same old locations that we all know, but having undergone major changes. Gameplay innovations and character voiceovers are also promised. The story will tell about a secret service agent by the name of "Poet", who in spite of his doubts, must complete his mission while undercover as a stalker. The mod will be based on Call of Pripyat with the Gunslinger mod. (Source)

Unannounced X-Ray Project

Three screenshots and a trailer from an Unannounced X-Ray Project, shown at the AP-PRO Showcase event. The developers say that two locations are complete at this point and that the rest are at various stages of development. They also pointed out this is not just a location pack mod, but a full-fledged project with its own plot and story. If all goes according to plan, the project will be officially announced in 2022. (Source)

The Mystery of Cordon

An ironic trailer for The Mystery of Cordon, shown at the AP-PRO Showcase event. The mod is being developed on the Call of Pripyat platform and will offer a new story, improved graphics, and lots of other content! (Source)

The Land of the Emerald Dawn

Next up on the AP-PRO Showcase event 'chopping block' is The Land of the Emerald Dawn! The author decided to show viewers the landscapes of the snow-covered areas, the work done on character models, some weapons and animals, and a small clip of gameplay footage. (Source)

Fate of StalkerTube

A new mod revolving around S.T.A.L.K.E.R. youtubers was announced on the AP-PRO Showcase event last Sunday: Fate of StalkerTube. The mod's plot is as follows: the anomalous exclusion zone appeared in real-life. Many people, including S.T.A.L.K.E.R. youtubers, went there in search of adventure and danger. The main protagonist will be an aspiring blogger, who will have to become a stalker himself and meet with various personalities, most of whom are well-known people from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fandom on YouTube.

The developers promise a unique story with many twists and voice-acted scenes, a weapon pack with new hand models, new ambient, new locations, better graphics and much more. As for a demonstration, they presented this clip below, featuring one of the quests. (Source)

Strelok's Group

Strelok's Group — an introductory video.

In the new video, the developers wanted to re-emphasize the main features of the project, and also show fresh gameplay footage to viewers along the way, including new animations in some scenes. Previously, the video was only available to watch at the AP-PRO Showcase event, but is now available in its own video. (Source)


Unannounced Project

A small teaser was shown at the AP-PRO Showcase event on the 14th, by Catalyst: Complementation developers, who said they will announce their newest project on the 30th of November - which is the date that marks one year since the release of their previous mod.

What's known about it at the moment is that it's also being developed on the Call of Pripyat platform, and will offer a new story that reveals the past of a famous character from the original stalker trilogy. It will also be accompanied by cutscenes and voice-acted characters. The mod will take place in a new location, which has not been used anywhere else before. (Source)

Lost World

New trailer for Lost World, shown at the AP-PRO Showcase event. (Source)

"Deserter" Movie

New trailer for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Deserter movie, made by amateur filmmakers. (Source)

Project 2

A new demonstration for the Project 2 mod, which plans to restore the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mobile story on the X-Ray engine. The video shows object physics, new points of interests in locations, and an underground laboratory. (Source)

Narodnaya Solyanka

Even after a decade since its initial release, Narodnaya Solyanka still continues receive updates; the newest one consisting of a magazine system, improved inventory functionality, a new weapon pack based on the STCoP weapon pack, and other miscellaneous content. The mod is now also based on the OGSR engine. All of this was showcased on a video that was featured at the AP-PRO Showcase event. The release date for the project is yet unknown. (Source)

Hope for Life

Gameplay video for the Hope for Life project, featured at the AP-PRO Showcase event. (Source)

First Days of the Zone

First Days of the Zone gameplay footage, presented at the AP-PRO Showcase event. (Source)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Hell Dogs 2 Movie

A trailer for the Hell Dogs 2 SFM movie with comments by Roman Beylis, the producer of the project, presented at the AP-PRO Showcase event.


Back to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

New November update for Back to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. by Nikita_Nikson

(Moddb article)

The Story of John

The Story of John, a mod created by a rookie modder on the Call of Pripyat platform, is now available for download! The new mod will offer a four-hour long story, provided you complete all side quests. In addition to the new story, a weapon pack was also adapted to the mod.

As for a brief summary: You play as a rookie stalker, who had just freshly arrived to the Zone. All the events will take place within the Cordon - a place many consider a safe heaven for themselves; not many mutants, no bandits, and no faction wars. All of this makes for one of the safest places in the Zone to live in. But despite this, our protagonist will have many things to overcome. And it won't be easy. (Source)

(Download - rus.)

Fate of the Zone

Fate of the Zone - fresh screenshots and videos. The following images and videos showcase the new weapons and module system in the new 0.8.1 update for the Fate of the Zone project. The new update is expected to be released in December. (Source)

Kaidan's Chronicles - Third Episode

The new and third episode of the Kaidan's Chronicles series of mods was released today. The story tells of the actions of an official detective group called "Omega", which operates in the territory of the Bar, and its leader and founder, Kaidan. An interesting plot was the author's main emphasis on this one. The new episode has a completely new storyline that does not require players to complete the previous episodes. The project is based on the resources of the Lost World: Requital project.

The new story will take players through the Bar, The ATP, Limansk, Lost Village, and Dead City. Download link is available below. (Source)

(Download - rus.)

Farthest Edge

Development continues!

As stated by the devs, they are now working on the weapons side of things. Weapons that were not yet available between 1990 and 1994 are being removed from the game. In its place, new weapons are being added, based on animations from GUNSLINGER. At the same time, work is being done on sound and the range of provisions is being replaced and supplemented with new items.

Locations are filled with "living elements". There will be more birds and various animals to create a feeling of an animated world. Sound zones are created for game locations, so that each location has a suitable soundscape. Models from the game Metro Exodus are ported to help decorate the levels.

A new PDA model has also been made from scratch, which bears more resemblance to older models of such devices. Another small thing - now players will not throw a bolt, but a nut, like the stalkers did Roadside Picnic. (Source)

C-Consciousness, 2021.


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